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Code Glass reveals a video of the party that former Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño offered to Julian Assange in 2014 | Policy | News


In the early years of Australian Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, there were at least two celebrations. This was revealed on Sunday by the website Glass Code.

The second year was celebrated in a big way with the presence of Ricardo Patiño, then chancellor of former President Rafael Correa. It was in August 2014.

Among the attendees are, in addition to the honoree Julian Assange, the Foreign Minister Patiño, the lawyer for the leader of Wikileaks Baltasar Garzón, the American Eva Gollinger, among other guests.

Code Glass, who had access to the video and who published it, explains that the recording has no audio, but it must have been a very lively meeting, at least as evidenced by the skill in different steps that Patiño showed.

At the party, $ 6,557 was spent, described in the item “Public events” of 2014, allocated in the fund for the permanence and maintenance of Assange, according to an examination by the Comptroller, an entity that explains that Ecuadorian law prohibits those events because it does not they are official protocol acts.

The 2014 tribute was not attended by Ambassador Juan Falconi Puig, who months before had sent several communications to the foreign minister denouncing Assange’s friction and friction with security personnel at the Ecuadorian diplomatic headquarters.

The publication also details that a year earlier, in June 2013, a similar event was held to commemorate the first year of asylum, authorized by Ambassador Ana Albán. $ 5395 was spent on that celebration.

The Comptroller’s Office audited these expenses. In his DNA1-0037-2019 examination, he established that Albán authorized the payment of this event “without observing the austerity and control rules of public spending, which establishes the prohibition of celebrations, entertainments or receptions, with the exception of those commemorative or protocol acts, since the date of diplomatic asylum does not constitute a commemorative act, which caused a payment without legal support ”.

Julian Assange remained in the Ecuadorian legation until April 11, 2019, when Ecuador withdrew his asylum. He is now detained pending an extradition process to the United States. (I)


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