Close the car door and cut your finger… Frustrated with advanced options

Nowadays, there are cars with the option of automatically closing the car door when it is less closed. However, there was a report that my finger was seriously injured due to this function.

Reporter Kim Sang-min reported on the report that you should be more careful in a house with children.

A man calling someone with a handkerchief holding his finger.

When you close the car door, your thumb gets caught and part of it is cut off, and then you urgently ask a friend for help.

[A 씨/사고 당사자 : 휴대전화가 떨어지고 줍는 순간에 오른손이 좀 걸쳐 있었죠. 손가락이 끼었다는 생각도 안 하고 문을 닫았는데, ‘악’ 하면서 빨려 들어간 거예요.]

Mr. A’s vehicle is equipped with advanced convenience features that automatically close with a slight push of the door.

When 4~6mm gap is left, it is tightly closed by the power of the motor.

But my finger was stuck in the door that was automatically closed.

When I hurried to open the door, I had already had some of my fingers amputated.

[제조사 담당자 (사고 직후 통화) : 여기에(문틈에) 물체가 끼었다고 하면 다시 탁, 창문처럼 열어주는 그 기능은 없는 거예요. 어린아이 있는 집은 엄청 위험하거든요.]

Although the finger was sutured after 6 hours of major surgery, it is unknown whether the function will return properly.

I tested the closing force with Mr. A’s vehicle.

When I insert a ballpoint pen and close the car door slightly, it is pushed through the gap and crushed.

How about imported cars with the same function?

[소리가 ‘빡’ 나, 깨졌어!]

The results were the same for both tests.

On the other hand, a car that does not have this function does not close the door because of a ballpoint pen.

There have been cases of finger amputation in foreign countries, and several injuries have been posted on the Internet.

Nevertheless, manufacturers are not yet considering installing safety accident prevention devices such as sensors.

[박병일/자동차 명장 : 덜 닫혔을 때 사고를 방지하는 장치는 맞아요. 여기에 센서까지 장착됐다면 완벽한 안전 도어가 되는데, 풍절음의 그런 여러 각도 때문에 센서를 장착하지 않은 것인가 생각합니다.]

The manufacturer said that the warning sticker on the car door and the instruction manual have guided the danger.

In particular, it seems that special attention is needed as a child may suffer a much more serious injury if a similar accident occurs.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang and Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Yumira)


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