Climate change will lead to impoverishment of 5 regions of Ukraine, – research

Scientists’ forecasts promise us periods of heat waves and droughts in summer and floods in winter.

The World Bank has conducted a study on the impact of climate change on key sectors of the Ukrainian economy. Scientists took two possible scenarios, the first – with the current dynamics of temperature, and the second – if the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere decreases. Both options turned out to be disappointing for the country, informs Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

According to the study, by the end of the century, southern Ukraine will have over 100 tropical nights and up to 135 summer days a year. Prolonged droughts will lead to deteriorating forest health, increased tree death and forest fires. There will be a significant reduction in the area suitable for the cultivation of spruce, beech, pine and oak.

The researchers emphasize that climate change will have a greater impact on some areas than others. The most significant temperature changes are expected in Cherkasy, Kherson, Kirovograd, Poltava and Vinnitsa regions.

But economically, Kharkiv, Kirovograd, Lvov, Lugansk and Zhytomyr regions will suffer the most. This is because climate change will reduce the cost of agricultural production. Experts predict a drop in living standards down to poverty in these regions.

In addition, by the end of the century, cities may experience intense temperature rises (more than five degrees in summer in Luhansk and in winter in Kiev), which is exacerbated by the “urban heat island” effect.

Under both scenarios, an increase in precipitation is forecasted in Ukraine during the year, the intensity of which will increase in the winter months, and especially in the Rivne and Volyn regions.

The frequency and intensity of extreme weather and climate events will increase with increasing temperatures. Experts predict periods of abnormal heat waves, thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, rain and river floods. Along with drought, hail and squalls, scientists promise that by the end of the year, Ukrainians will get used to tornadoes.

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