Technology Chrome users have downloaded without knowing, a malware spy

Chrome users have downloaded without knowing, a malware spy


San Francisco.– The users of the internet browser Chrome, developed by Google, downloaded without knowing it during the past three months, malicious software (malware) with the ability to spy on its activities up to 33 million times, according to a report published today.

The report of the firm’s cybersecurity Awake Security, with headquarters in Santa Clara (California), found that the browser most used in the world, with around 2,000 million users, was subject to attack by 111 extensions of malware that used the domains of the israeli company GalComm.

These extensions, which are posing fraudulently by converters, file formats, or by lookouts from websites that are dangerous to the user, were discharged 32,962,951 times between late February and late may.

Once downloaded and installed on Chrome, the extensions spied on the online activities of the user with screen shots and were able to access data such as passwords and other credentials stored in “tokens” or the contents of the clipboard digital.

For its part, Google responded to the publication of the report ensuring that you have already removed Chrome 70 of these extensions and malware that has used this episode to “train” their analysis systems, automatic and manual to prevent incidents of this type in the future.

In an entry on the official blog of the company, from Awake Security branded what happened “campaign of monitoring massive global” and explained that what they feel is most dangerous of this effort of malware spyware is that “it was blatant and led to all the world.”

Since the signing of cybersecurity also wanted to put the focus on GalComm, the company whose domains were used in the campaign, which accused him of having the capacity to act as “an arms dealer cyber, which provides a platform through which criminals and the states can create web sites, tools and extensions, malignant, without supervision or consequences.”

According to the latest data from Statcounter, the 64% of internet users in the world use the Google browser, well above the 18% who use Apple’s Safari 4% use Firefox and 3% use Samsung Internet.

Internet Explorer (IE), once ubiquitous in the navigation online, it is used only for 1.4% of the internet users.


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