Christmas carols as breaking news –

Hessen’s cult reporter is back in time for Christmas time. And this time the FFH news professional Andreas Ko (ooooo) hl made incredible discoveries which could change the most contemplative days of the year forever: Christmas carols like “Last Christmas” or “In der Weihnachtsäckerei” are not fictional songs to get in the right mood for the festive season, but about tough factual reports: Full of blood, tears and lots of intrigue!

Murder and manslaughter under the Christmas tree

First, Andreas Ko (ooooo) hl discovered that most fairy tales are anything but light fare, but tough police stories with often bloody ends. and Now the news man shocks us again: With Christmas carols that you will never be able to hear in the future like before …

Anyone who thinks that Wham! S cult hit is just about the most successful Christmas song of all time, that is simply supposed to provide a light and airy mood for a contemplative atmosphere in the run-up to Christmas, is seriously mistaken. After intensive research, our FFH reporter Andreas Ko (ooooo) hl uncovered the unbelievable. Here you can read his factual report again:

“It’s a tough relationship drama that shows what offended people are capable of,” a police psychologist told me. He gave her his heart, but when she bitterly disappointed him the next day, he stumbles deep into a depression. He can’t get away from her even if he steers clear of her.

She ignores his letters and gifts and makes a fool of him in this psychological war. “Your soul is made of ice, it is tearing me apart,” he says in front of witnesses. It almost comes to extremes – a video from eyewitnesses shows a scramble in the snow and snowballs thrown too tightly. But suddenly a happy ending: He finds real love and breaks away from this toxic relationship. “For us, the case is closed,” said the investigators.


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