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Christina Ricci turns 40! Her career from child star to serious actress


Updated February 12, 2020, 12:17 p.m.

Christina Ricci celebrates her 40th birthday on February 12th. Already as a child, she celebrated her breakthrough and gradually blossomed into a serious actress. Your best films. © spot on news

The little girl with the yellow bathing cap: This is Christina Ricci. Already at the age of 10 she made her debut in “Mermaids kiss better” (1990) alongside Cher (middle).

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Image of Christina Ricci

Ricci celebrates her breakthrough a year later. In “The Addams Family” (1991) she played the weird girl Wednesday.

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Image of Christina Ricci

As a result, she gets some leading roles, among others in “Casper”. In the 1995 film, she slips into the role of Kat, the daughter of a ghost therapist who befriends the ghost Casper.

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Image of Christina Ricci

In 1997 Ricci stood for “This darned cat” in front of the camera. The film itself gets lousy reviews, but Ricci is once again praised and nominated for the “Young Artist Award” and the “Kids’ Choice Award”.

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Picture of Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci

Also in Tim Burton’s horror film “Sleepy Hollow” (1999) she can convince alongside Johnny Depp (left).

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Picture of Ellen Pompeo, Christina Ricci, Sandra Oh

In the meantime, Ricci has opted for independent films rather than Hollywood films. She has also made guest appearances in some television series, such as 2006 in “Grey’s Anatomy” (picture). Acting alone is not enough for her either: she also works as a producer.

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Image of Christina Ricci, Robert Pattinson

Hot affair with Robert Pattinson: Ricci embodies Clotilde de Marelle in the novel “Bel Ami” (2012). Pattinson, in the role of Georges Duroy, seduces other women alongside her …

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Image of Christina Ricci

In the series “Pan Am” (2011/12) she plays alongside Margot Robbie the flight attendant Maggie Ryan, who doesn’t put up with anything in the 1960s.

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Image of Christina Ricci

In the Amazon series “Z: The Beginning of Everything” Ricci slips into the role of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The series has been on view since 2017 and comprises ten episodes.

© 2016 Amazon Studios

Image of Christina Ricci, James Heerdegen

The 40-year-old has been married to camera technician James Heerdegen since 2013. With him she has a child: son Freddie, who is now five years old.

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Picture of Emily Ratajkowski, Alexa Chung, Christina Ricci and Rose Leslie

At fashion shows, the stylish actress can often be found on First Row, as here at the Altuzarra Fashion Show in 2017: Emily Ratajkowski, Alexa Chung, Christina Ricci and Rose Leslie (from left to right).

© Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images



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