Chonburi still not recovering, being invaded by Muang Thong, 2-1

Chonburi is still bad, open the house, lost to SCG Muang Thong 1-2 in the Thai League battle on February 11

Thai Football League 2020-21 Match 18 Thursday February 11, 2021 at the Chonburi Stadium is a meeting between Chonburi FC Team 11th Clash SCG Muang Thong United 6th team

In the first half, Chonburi made a slightly better offensive game. N. 24 Chan Narong Promsrikaew gave a shot in the penalty area. But the ball went over the bar.

Chonburi still has a better ball. And made the game invaded the land of the city many times But the defensive line of kiren can still help protect them all

PM 32, Chonburi, almost to the lead when Panupong Polsa got a shot at a distance of 18 yards, but the ball hit the post.

But at the end of the first half, 45 p.m. back to Muang Thong that was the side that got the door, brought the Dairley cross, the ball from the starboard to the center of the goal, Krisda Kaman tackled the ball badly, the ball came into the Willian Pop. At the pike, the Brazilian pioneered a shot without catching with his left foot. The ball went through Sinthavee Chai’s hand and entered the net, finishing the first half, Muangthong led 1-0.

The second half, Chonburi tried to open the game to attack hard, 55 pm Krisda Kaman almost equalized when hitting the distance 25 yards, the ball hit the post. Before bouncing back to Sompornyot’s body after

Chonburi still tries to open the game, I enter But still not doing well in the last area And still looking for very few shooting opportunities, Muangthong also defends and waits for a return period

The game came to the end of 79th muangthong almost got the second child, Willian Popp Party cut from the left to the center. Before focusing on the shot, but Sinthawee Chai can still go to brush off the back

At the end of the 80’s game, Muang Thong came to get the 2nd goal, Willian Popp opened the ball for Darley, ran to shoot along the water, sent the ball into the net, the victory judge, Ngam Ngam, VAR and no offside, therefore for Muangthong. Goals 2-0

Chonburi still did not give up. 90 PM Jay C. John, the reserve striker of Shark Chon. Come to shoot the door, hit the egg 1-2, but the rest of Chonburi follows the rivalry did not finish the game, Chonburi FC, home, lost to SCG Muang Thong 1-2

Thai League score table summary

Player list

Chonburi / Sintawee Chai Hathairatnakul (GK), Renato Kelich, Putera Elstall, Nopanon Kochaphlayuk, Chan Narong Promsrikaew, Krisada Kaman, Worachit Kanit Sribamphen, United States Sonthisawat, Panupong Polsa, Keririt Thaweekan, Eleandro Gonzaga

Muangthong / Sompornyot (GK), Suporn Pinakata Pho, Lucas Rocha, Wattanakon Sawasdhon, Chatchai Saengdao, Wongsakorn Chaikulthevin, Wattana Plai Noom, Sardormir Saye V, Weerathep Pomphan, Willian Popp, Derley




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