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Cholesterol hysteria unjustified? Why the Food has little effect on cholesterol levels


You can’t see it, you sprt it – therefore, the diagnosis is often surprising: ” Cholesterol Values are much too high.” This means that the Fat levels in the blood not in order. No matter this is not. Because the cholesterol level is increased permanently, threaten a Hardening of the arteriesand , at worst, a Heart attack or a Stroke. In the case of a raised cholesterol level has for many years been advised to make a Dit or on cholesterol-rich foods have to miss out. This view has changed, according to the experts – and even talk of a cholesterol-hysteria.

To demonize basically, cholesterol is not, however, said John Wechsler, President of the Federal Association of German food physicians (BDEM). The Body needs the fat similar material for the cell structure, for the formation of Vitamin D or to the production of the sex hormone strogen. Much of this Fat, he self-produces. But also by fat-rich food is absorbed cholesterol.

“Good” and “bses” cholesterol: Where is the difference?

This cholesterol does not equal cholesterol. There are the “good” (HDL = High-Density Lipoprotein) and the “bse” (LDL = Low-Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol. The more of the good HDL in the Body is, the better. It is the Gefe protects, because it brings exceed one story cholesterol in the blood of the arterienw the back to the liver. From there it is excreted via the bile. The bad LDL, the fat particles are transported to the cells, where it settles and to conduct the dangerous Gefverkalkungen can.

This is also a dangerous atherosclerosis can arise – which increases in turn the risk of a heart attack. Decisive factors for atherosclerosis Smoking, Diabetes, hypertension, and genetic predispositions are next to cholesterol.

Also important fats in the blood, the triglycerides are. These neutral fats are considered to be the main part of the Body and dietary fats.

Benchmarks: How much cholesterol should be in the blood?

For how much cholesterol in the blood, there are reference values: The total cholesterol should not exceed 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl). Frequent it does but with A third of the Population between 18 and 79 years, according to the German company for Food (DGE) a ber 200 mg/dl value.

The target values for the individual cholesterol species, entangling of whether someone has other diseases, such as hypertension or Diabetes, or if he smokes, for example. “The LDL-cholesterol should not be more than 150 mg/dl, if there is a single additional risk factor fr heart disease,” says Wechsler. Factors are more risk, then LDL cholesterol should be below 100 mg/dl.

Even if a Patient has severe high blood pressure, the LDL-cholesterol value hchstens 100 mg/dl. Someone already had a heart attack or Diabetes, then the value should be under 70 mg/dl. The HDL should be for women as much as possible to about 45 mg/dl in Men over 40 mg/dl.

Once-a-year cholesterol check can

To serious illnesses, everyone should leave once in a year, his cholesterol values can be determined. “It goes by quick test in many, but not all, of the pharmacies,” says Ursula sellers Berg, a pharmacist, and Deputy press Secretary at the Federal chamber of pharmacists. The identified values of the target from the soft values, patients should go to the doctor.

It turns out that the cholesterol – and especially by the “bse” cholesterol – a patient is permanently increased, then the interested party must convert in a first step, his Food and his life style change.

“That is, the Patient eats less fat-rich and animal products, and for those more plant-based and low-fat foods such as vegetables, fruits and grain products”, declared Changer. Someone is mountain important, the doctor, and him at the same time, on Dit. A natrlicher cholesterol-lowering drug, by the way, ginger is – even small amounts of the day can reduce cholesterol levels.

Food has little effect on cholesterol

However, a Food change is not necessarily helpful. Professor Ulrich Laufs, a cardiologist at the University hospital of Leipzig, is of the Image as the following quotes: “For many people, an inherited Hypercholesterinmie is. You can take due to a gene defect that was cholesterol only poorly from the blood into the liver. Your cholesterol level is rising.”

The influence of the right Food on the cholesterol level was berschtzt for a long time. This is the opinion of many medical professionals, also a Professor run, represented today: “Today we know that genetics is a major cause, the Food. But nevertheless, a fr heart and Gefe. A healthy lifestyle with sufficient exercise and the right Food protects against heart attack and stroke.”

Current Estimates suggest that an LDL-lowering alone is through Food unlikely – the probability of success is between five and 30 percent.

Proper selection of fat note

Is still set on a Food change, there Antje Gahl of the German company for Food (DGE) important tips: “In the foreground is the right choice of fats should be vegetable le, Margarine, Nuts and fat fish are to be preferred.” Positive effect according to their data, less gesttigte Fettsuren, as you are stuck in animal foods, and to consume for more uncoated consolidated Fettsuren.

“Coconut oil, Butter, cream, Lard and bacon should only be used sparingly,” says Gahl.

Rt to look for in processed foods for hidden fats – you can such as in delicatessen salads, pizzas or pies stuck. Fettrmere variants should be preferred. In addition to the food transition is also one of movement, little in alcohol, and the renunciation of nicotine to help you can to reduce the level of cholesterol. The consumption of eggs can raise cholesterol significantly – such as the dangerous eggs really are for our health, read here.

Statins: drug as a cholesterol-lowering drug

Eight weeks after the start of this kind of therapy the doctor again measures the blood fat values of the patients. Only if it turns out that the values are not significantly improved, medication into the game. “Thus, the cholesterol level will not fall immediately”, declared seller mountain. He is regelmiger taking only the medium term down.

How reported, not seen the taking of such statins (cholesterol-lowering) is always non-critical. Besides the fact that the effect only occurs in regelmiger intake and a tuned dosage, there are also some side effects such as difficulty in breathing, muscle pain, Diabetes, heartburn or joint pain.

A erhhter cholesterol is hereditary, then a Ernhrungs ntzt and lifestyle transition a little, in order to reduce the values. “In such a case, be prescribed from the outset medicines,” says Wechsler.


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