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Chivalry 2 will incl. Cross-Play feature for current and future console generations


Developer Torn Banner StudiosPublisher Tripwire Presents and Co-Publishing Partner Deep Silver cancel today Chivalry 2 for the play station 4 Computer Entertainment System, the Xbox One device family, including the Xbox One X to the PC (via the Epic Games Store). However, the joy has no limits, because Chivalry 2if appear to be for the future consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The publications for the new console generations to follow according to the respective Timeline. The battle fields are even larger and knights on all platforms will be able to work together on the same venues to present, for Chivalry 2 will offer a Cross-Play feature between all consoles and PC.

Chivalry 2 is a Multiplayer First-Person-Slasher, the of the epic battles of well-known medieval movies was inspired. Players will experience many iconic moments – from each other clanging swords to the true Storms of flaming arrows, siege FORTS a huge feast and much more. They dominate the vast Expanses of the battlefields, catapults bring the earth to quake, while castles besieged, villages set on fire and the evil peasant armies are eradicated, the return of the “Team Objective” Maps.

Based on the genre-defining original game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, invites Chivalry 2 players to maintain with a completely new and improved combat system, the Sound Master to be. This System, which combines real-time battles, and a fluid Combo System that makes the Action even faster, even more dynamic and allows players to be a real whirlwind on the field of battle. To combat the possibility of multiple opponents and a mixture of the best bonds of the FPS and fighting game Genres to make Chivalry 2 an experience that is looking for your Same.

“The epic battles in Chivalry 2 earn an equally impressive game, that’s true,” Steve Piggott, President of Torn Banner Studios says. “We can hardly wait, when players from all over the world cruising together on all five of the platforms of the Blades, and the best combat system of all time to get to know.”

“As we were able to see with my own eyes how Torn banner’ Chivalry 2 to be formed increasingly an incredible Sequel, which should be a Genre, a generation leap for the First-Person-Slasher, because we knew that something will develop, the players will love on all platforms,“ says John Gibson, CEO and part-owner of Tripwire Interactive. “Today, we are extremely happy to announce that the next Chivalry experience for consoles will appear and with the Cross-play Feature, players everywhere will allow each bash and chop themselves!”

Chivalry 2 Key Features:

  • Cross-Play across all platforms: Huge battles require huge battle fields. The introduction of the Cross-Play feature pushes the boundaries between players on consoles and PC. It allows players, regardless of their platform on the pit fields.
  • Impressive cinematic presentation: Impressive improvements in the visual quality with an atmosphere, the player throws in some of your favorite moments of epic medieval Action movies from Hollywood. Based on the last Version of the best game Engine, Unreal Engine 4.
  • Epic Medieval Environments: Extensive medieval environments, from the Race-rings up to siege places of epic proportions.
  • Impressive SizeThe player will experience the Chaos of medieval battle fields and pull in huge battles with the intensity and the extent of the “Battle of the Bastards” of Game of Thrones.
  • Free choice of fighting style: The Arsenal is expanded with the new Sub-class System that offers more diversity than ever before. Four base classes are expanded to include numerous Sub-classes, an Arsenal of unique weapons with a myriad of visually different versions, as well as new items for the support – of tubs with Oil up to the barricades, supply crates, and pointed post.
  • Hell to unleash: The battle is supported with a selection of heavy war equipment, the ballista, catapults, Trebuchet up to the fight, ramming, thorn traps, ladders, and many more.
  • The own Hero: Players become heroes in the dress. A detailed System for adapting the own in-game character provides head types, skin colors, header & body hair, malformations, face painting, nickname, coat of arms, helmets, armor, weapons, and more for countless combination possibilities.
  • The death of deny: Also after the Separation of the limbs, the fierce Knock-outs, disarmament, burns, countless arrows in the knee, a broken plate, and even drowned in their own blood, the players share is still neat. Bandages, resurrections and the new hit-Status allow the players to have as long of the battles until the last drop of blood is lost.

For more Updates to Chivalry 2 the Chivalry 2-the Newsletter on the official website to subscribe to or Tripwire Presents and Torn Banner Studios on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube follow.


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