China “WHO Expert Team to Visit Wuhan Research Institute and Huanan Market”

▲ Zaorizen, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

The Chinese authorities said that the visit schedule of the World Health Organization’s WHO expert team staying in Wuhan, China to uncover the origin of Corona 19, will include the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, hospital, and Huanan Fish Market.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijen said, “The next schedule and where to visit will be based on the common perception that both sides have achieved in advance.” “Scientifically and professionally linking the characteristics of Corona 19 and the infection situation. I will decide.”

Spokesman Zhao said, “All of the expert teams will go to the place just mentioned,” and “The expert team will publish the research results externally at an appropriate time”

He continued, “What I want to emphasize is that the activities of the WHO expert team are part of international research on the source of Corona 19, not investigations,” he said. “The two sides have already exchanged several times through video.”

He said, “It is helpful for international research to share the results of each person’s research and to deepen the next level of cooperation.” We must reduce interference.”

Spokesman Zhao added, “China will cooperate with the WHO expert team in an open, transparent and responsible attitude,” he added. “We will contribute to preventing future dangers and protecting the lives of people in each country.”

In response, WHO spokesman Margaret Harris said at a briefing at the United Nations Office in Geneva that “they are on the list, as far as I know,” to a question about the investigation team’s visit to the Wuhan Virus Lab and the angry market, Reuters reported.

However, he added that he did not know the exact timing of the visit.

In addition, Harris said the investigation team will not have contact with the community because it travels by bus and will instead only meet people who are prepared as part of the study.

(Photo = Photo by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Yonhap News)


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