Cheap iPhone X or iPhone XS Maximum Specs? Make Your Choice According to Your Needs

INFOSEMARANGRAYA.COM – The old version of the iPhone is again in great demand, you can choose according to your needs, namely iPhone X cheap or iPhone XS with specification maximum.

At the beginning of 2022, the existence of the old iPhone returned to stick out even though the iPhone had released their new product with extraordinary specifications in the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro.

Some of the old iPhones that are making a comeback in 2022 are iPhone X, iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. This is partly influenced by the price which has dropped considerably and the specifications are still very good to use this year.

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For those of you who want the old iPhone, make sure you buy an iPhone according to your needs so you don’t feel lost.

The following is brief information about the most appropriate old iPhones for you to buy in 2022, including iPhone X and iPhone XS.

iPhone X itself is an iPhone product that was released in 2017 with price initially reached more than Rp. 18 million, now you can pocket this one smartphone with just price around IDR 5 million.

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Whereas, iPhone XS is an iPhone product that was released in 2018 and is priced at price IDR 15-29 Million and now you can have it with price IDR 7 Million.

Decrease price The sharpness of the camera certainly makes many people return to liking this old iPhone with another reason that the specifications are still very good to use even though it has been more than 4 years.

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