Business Cheap flights to Cuba after opening?

Cheap flights to Cuba after opening?


Air tickets to travel to Cuba could also experience a considerable reduction once it is decided to open the island’s airspace, as has been happening in different parts of the world where progress has been made in de-escalation.

That the world economy has suffered a terrible impact in this 2020 is as evident as the fact that the tourism and air transport sectors have been among the hardest hit due to social isolation in recent months.

However, in the beginning of their recovery, both industries have challenged the forecasts of not a few experts and far from making their services too expensive in order to recover lost capital, which they have done is the opposite, that is, to encourage them with competitive offers.

In the specific case of commercial aviation, what is being experienced these days in various European countries serves to illustrate the future scenario that other nations could describe, including Cuba.

Initiated the economic revival in Europe, the airlines have unleashed what could be called a true “price war”. Although desperate in the face of the little economic liquidity with which they have ended after these months of closure, far from making their offers more expensive as many expected, what they have done is to offer tickets at prices often laughable for a summer season. That attitude, far from being outlandish, is only justified by the extreme need not to lose its clients and generate income.

And it is that, if incentives of this type are not sought, very few European citizens would be encouraged to take a plane and go on vacation. However, according to an article published by Kayak, one of the subsidiaries of the flight and accommodation search engine, the strategy could be working, the flight management has come to life after the paralysis of the sector

Low cost companies attack

While low-cost carriers are leading the way and are risking their livelihood in many cases by trying to capture the attention of customers with competitive offers, the other airlines are not far behind.

For example, the Irish Ryanair offers 250 thousand tickets with prices always less than 30 euros to fly between European destinations. For its part Easyjet, offers flights less than 33 euros, and Vueling with 70 direct routes from Barcelona and tickets of less than ten euros.

Iberia and Air Europa are also entering the battle, the first will charge less than one hundred euros for their trips to the Canary Islands during the last two weeks of July, while the second offers discounts of up to 40 percent.

If this market strategy were to be effective in reviving air transport and tourism, experts do not rule out that tourist areas in other regions of the planet are equally favored.

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In the case of Cuba where a good part of the hotel infrastructure belongs to European hotel companies, it would not be far-fetched if arrangements were made to incite the increase in travel once the de-escalation progresses. For the Cuban economy, it could undoubtedly be an exceptional opportunity, since after Canada the main source markets that prime Cuban tourism are the European countries.

Recently, the Cuban government has announced that starting July 1, international trips to the tourist poles of the Cuban keys will begin, an alternative to reactivate the battered island economy that to a large degree depends on the foreign exchange generated by the flow of foreign visitors to sustain.

Although it is not yet known when the definitive opening of the insular airspace will take place, Cubans could also be favored, they could be favored by the competitive prices of those airlines that fly to the island, identical strategy to that currently adopted in European countries. .

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