Charlene of Monaco spied on. The plan to get rid of Alberto’s ex

Charlene of Monaco she is still hospitalized in a clinic in Switzerland, in Zurich, but it seems that the days of her stay in the institute are now running out. Also because instead of finding the privacy he needed, it seems to be constantly spied on. Meanwhile, rumors are popping up about his strategy to get rid of Nicole Coste, the former bulky of Alberto.

Charlene of Monaco spied in Switzerland

Just returned to Montecarlo last November, Charlene of Monaco she was forced to be hospitalized due to the profound state of debilitation in which she found herself due to a serious infection in her nose, throat and ears. In announcing the decision, the Palazzo did not specify which clinic Alberto’s wife would go to, but only that she was not in the Principality. And this for privacy reasons, Charlene had and needs as much peace of mind as possible.

Despite the utmost confidentiality, it soon became known that Charlene was admitted to a private, luxury facility, in Switzerland, in Zurich. Therefore, efforts to keep the place secret have been completely in vain. Indeed, they are many rumors leaked also about the health condition of the Princess they sent on a rampage Alberto.

As if that were not enough, the paparazzi have also followed the Prince who he rented a villa near the clinic to be next to his wife. They even followed him son the ski slopes of Meribel where he spent a few moments of leisure with the twins Jacques and Gabriella, as we read on Paris here.

Charlene of Monaco must return

Just the feeling of being constantly surrounded, according to LC News led Alberto to force his wife to return to the Palace as soon as possible, perhaps as early as January 26-27, on the occasion of the celebrations for Santa Devota, patron saint of Monte Carlo.

Charlene of Monaco, the plan against Nicole Coste

Meanwhile, Charlene of Monaco appears to be figuring out a way to get rid of the cluttered presence of Nicole Coste, former of Alberto with whom he had a son, Alexandre who is 18 and for whom the former hostess dreams of a role at the Palazzo.

According to In Touch magazine, however, Charlene disagrees and intends to “clean up” the Rocca on her return to reaffirm her power and protect the rights of the twins, Jacques and Gabriella. Moreover, from the latest rumors that emerged, the Princess would suffer from Rebecca Syndrome, precisely because of her husband’s old flames.

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