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Celebs in the corona crisis: US actor Mark Blum died of corona


Updated March 27, 2020, 11:20 a.m.

How do celebrities deal with the corona virus? Some stars have become infected with the virus, others use their popularity and reach to send messages to their followers, many report from home quarantine or help where they can. Find out here how celebrities are doing these times.

All news about the corona virus can be found here.

11:18: Elton John solicits support for small record stores

Rock star Elton John is calling on his fans to support independent record stores. The 73-year-old sent his message on Thursday evening on Twitter: “I know that these are difficult times, but please try to support independent record stores. Many of them can deliver directly to your home,” he said. The British singer named some providers that are important for music fans.

Linked under the post Elton John a video of himself in which he names his favorite shops and talks about what he likes about them. “You could spend several weeks there and would still find things you haven’t seen before,” he says of his favorite in London.

At the same time, he pointed out the importance of record stores for the community: “The people behind the counter are so involved in what they do. They are such experts, they love it.” If he weren’t Elton John, he would run a record store himself.

The British singer celebrated his 73rd birthday on March 25th. Fans and celebrities from all over the world warmly congratulated him. Many use social media to post old or shared photos.

10:36 am: Boygroup BTS postpones North America concerts because of Coronavirus

The internationally celebrated South Korean boy group BTS has because of the Coronavirus pandemic her planned concert series in North America was also postponed indefinitely. The “Map of the Soul Tour” for North America from April 25th to June 6th, which originally included appearances in several cities in the USA and in Toronto (Canada), will be postponed to a later date, as the agency of the seven-member group, Big Hit Entertainment, announced on Friday. The tickets remained valid.

BTS had already postponed the start of the world tour in Seoul planned for mid-April at the end of February. At first nothing was announced about the European dates, including two concerts in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium in July.

The BTS group, founded in 2013, is now considered the most successful product of Korean pop (K-Pop). At the end of February, thanks to their new album “Map Of The Soul: 7”, the boy group was the first Asian pop band to top the German album charts.

10:09 am: “Berlin – Day & Night” continues to be filmed

The filming of the daily soaps “Berlin – Day & Night” and “Cologne 50667” continues under high security measures even in Corona times. The focus is on the health of the employees, said RTLzwei spokesman Martin Blickhan of the German Press Agency.

“A largely contactless turning, in which all processes are continuously and daily updated.” All applicable infection control measures would be observed.

The production team was reduced “to an absolutely necessary minimum”. “We also do without a mask, audio wiring and filming in other subjects.

The castings for our reality soaps have been suspended for a long time. “The productions safeguarded jobs and the economic existence of many contributors.” Decide every day whether limited further work is possible or an interruption is necessary “.

In addition to filming the episodes that will be broadcast later, there is now also a live broadcast that precedes the regular episodes from Monday to Friday.

“Alternating pairs of moderators lead through the show and greet actors and viewers in their home via switch and speak to surprise guests,” reported RTLzwei. Laura Maack (“Paula”) and Manuel Denniger (“Rick”) will kick off. The live broadcast starts on Monday at 7 p.m. A new “BTN” episode follows as usual.

Most TV series productions in Germany have been interrupted for the time being because of the corona pandemic.

9:39 a.m .: US actor Mark Blum died of Corona

The New York film and theater actor Mark Blum died at the age of 69 as a result of Covid-19. His infection with the new corona virus has led to complications, which the actor eventually succumbed to, the actor union Screen Actors Guild said on Thursday (local time).

Blum became known for films such as “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “Crocodile Dundee”. He performed regularly in the New York off-Broadway theater “Playwright Horizons” Twitter the grief of the colleagues expressed: “Thank you for everything you did for our theater, mark“It is said.” We will miss you. “To this end, the New York House published some scenes from old stage plays.

News from Thursday, March 26th:

5:03 pm: Herbert Grönemeyer thanks Song with helpers in the corona crisis

The musician Herbert Grönemeyer thanked everyone on Instagram with a short song to all helpers in the corona crisis. “A musical greeting and thanks to the ‘heroes of these times'”, wrote the singer on Thursday on the social network. To this end, he posted a 1-minute video in which he praised the work of people who, for example, “doctors, care, transport, cash in, guard, research, protect”. He also appealed to stay at home for these people. Because they are “the heroes of these times”.

3:46 p.m .: RTL removes quarantine WG from the program

Since Monday, March 23, 2020 RTL has been broadcasting the live broadcast every evening with Thomas Gottschalk, Oliver Pocher and Günther Jauch. The men met in the “QuarantäneWG” for an evening video chat.

After only three episodes it is now over.

3:10 p.m .: Harald Glööckler wants more humanity in the corona crisis

Fashion designer Harald Glööckler has become more human in the Corona crisis called. “Yes, we have a terrible crisis. But being in fear and panic is of no use to us,” he said in an Instagram video released on Thursday in Kirchheim, Palatinate. People would be resented – just because they were doing business in the crisis.

“Friends have run a competition for chocolates and flowers and have to hear: ‘How primitive to do business now.'” But people need things that do good. “We are still alive, we are not yet dead. And people who live have needs.”

Right now, people are needed to think about how to save companies, the designer said. “So that after the crisis we are not in cities with nothing but broken shops.”

2:30 p.m .: Til Schweiger angry: The minimum distance is not kept

Til Schweiger is fed up with the fact that despite the corona crisis, people don’t keep enough distance from each other. Often the people who come to meet him just went carelessly onwards, he reported Instagram. “If you just don’t dodge it, they will pass you very closely,” says the actor and producer in a video message.

Has recorded Silent the video during a walk in Hamburg’s Hirschpark – one of the few activities that are currently compatible with the measures against the spread of the new corona virus. Schweiger was very well received in the comments to the post – among others by fellow actors such as Liza Waschke and Jasmin Gerat.

12:37 PM: Kylie Jenner wants to donate a million dollars for breathing masks

Instagram and reality star Kylie Jenner wants to donate $ 1 million to help fight the corona virus. Breathing masks are to be made with the money.

On Instagram, a doctor thanks the exuberant words for the donation. She was “speechless and moved to tears”.

10:40 am: US doctor series donate masks and protective clothing due to corona crisis

Millions follow Ellen Pompeo’s dramatic adventures as Dr. Meredith Gray and many other TV doctors. The lifesaver crews from television are now doing something good in real life in Corona.

Although the filming of series such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Pose” or “Seattle Firefighters – The Young Heroes” has been stopped for the time being, the makers of several productions have once again become active and have collected essential props. With an increasing number of COVID-19 diseases in the United States and shortages of respiratory masks, gloves and protective clothing help hospital series with their own utensils that would otherwise be used during filming.

A truck full of aid donations from the “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Seattle Firefighters” series (originally called “Station 19”) was delivered to a university hospital in Los Angeles, the broadcaster “ABC11” reported on Tuesday. Such articles to protect doctors and helpers from being infected with the virus are incredibly important, says doctor Dr. Kimberly Shemanski. In many places in the USA, helpers complain about supply shortages.

10:11 am: Get out of “Atlantic”: Udo Lindenberg leaves beloved luxury hotel

Due to the corona crisis, Udo Lindenberg leaves his beloved hotel “Atlantic” in Hamburg. The cult musician has lived there in his own private wing for 26 years. Opposite the “Image” the hotel manager says: “Udo is in a secret place to survive the corona crisis.”

From there, the singer diligently posts his popular “Likörelle” pictures on Instagram, which – in keeping with the Corona crisis – contain messages such as: “I’m staying at home.”

9:41 am: Cathy Hummels is giving away glitter protective masks to her fans

Protective masks are currently in short supply. Cahty Hummels came up with a very special campaign for this problem: Cathy designed and sewed protective masks together with the designer Irene Luft. She made her community aware of the protective mask campaign via Instagram.

The influencer gives away the chic glitter protective masks made of washable and medical material to her fans and also donated a large part to the “Third Order” hospital in Munich-Nymphenburg.

“Join in – try to keep your positive energy,” Cathy told her fans in the Instagram post.

In addition to Cathy Hummels and Irene Luft, many more have now swung the needles and sewn protective masks for a good cause.

News from Wednesday, March 25th:

5:36 pm: Udo Lindenberg joins the campaign against coronavirus

One thing is clear for the “panic rocker”: Udo Lindenberg supports the campaign # allefüralle in the fight against the spread of the new corona virus. “#allforall”

is now exactly the right message, “said the 73-year-old musician, according to the campaign on Wednesday.

For the campaign he speaks a TV commercial with the motto: “Everyone at a distance. But everyone together.” The spot runs on ZDF and can also be seen on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. There, the campaign also provides useful tips in times of the corona crisis and advises everyone to take special care of people from the risk group in accordance with the ban on contact.

4:59 p.m .: Cascada singer is infected with virus

Natalie Horler, singer of the music group “Cascada”, is infected with the corona virus. The 38-year-old announced in a video on Instagram. “I just got a call from the hospital where I was tested today and I have the corona virus.”

As Horler said, she had only a slight fever and headache. Otherwise, she is fine. The hospital currently also assumes that the illness will be mild with her.

Protective masks are currently a rare commodity. Reason enough for Cathy Hummels to come up with a special campaign: Together with designer Irene Luft, the influencer designed, sewed protective masks – and gave some of them away to her fans.

She herself is not really worried about the diagnosis. This would not change much in their current everyday life either. As Horler explained, she had been in isolation for the past eight days. Now she will go into complete quarantine for two weeks and go to her terrace to get some fresh air.

4:34 pm: Angelo Kelly wants to be with his family in the corona crisis

Irish musician Angelo Kelly (38) decided to quit the music mask show “The Masked Singer” because of the coronavirus pandemic. Commuting is too risky for him.

“There were only two options: Stay in Germany for four or five weeks – or stop making the show. And during this time, it is very important to me to be with my family,” said Kelly to the German Press Agency on Wednesday. “It is a priority.”

The commute between his place of residence in Ireland and the show in Cologne simply could not continue. “For me this is always a great trip, during which I have to cross borders and through heavily frequented places.”

Kelly’s voluntary resignation was surprising on the ProSieben show been announced on Tuesday evening. The Kelly family offspring, dressed as a rapping cockroach, took part in the singing competition. Hardly anyone was initiated, not even his famous siblings from the Kelly Family. “But it would have been more difficult,” admitted Kelly. “After the first broadcast, there was an incredible amount of news and everyone wrote: It’s you! I had to learn to lie for the first time in my life.”

3:33 pm: Cathy Hummels starts “Corona Consultation”

Mats Hummel’s wife Cathy has come up with a new format for her Instagram account to deal with the corona crisis. In “Cathy’s Corona Consultation”, the 32-year-old, equipped with a pink stethoscope, talks about her own worries and fears during these times. In doing so, she wants to cheer up her followers and at the same time remove the fear of the epidemic.

The influencer not only relies on her own expertise, but also spoke to a doctor about the virus, a sports scientist. “No idea. No problem,” she wrote under the first video in which it was activated via video chat.

“Our Corona Update clears you up. Dr. Peppa Pig and I have put competent help into practice. Dr. med and sports scientist @ dr.julian.maurer explains everything about Corona in this exciting video. You have further questions , then in the comments. “

In the comments, however, fewer questions ended up, but mainly comments from users who don’t like the fact that Cathy Hummels of all people wants to explain the Corona virus. “So I prefer to trust them Expertise of the virologist Christian Drosten or the RKI, “it says directly below the video.” I find it very questionable to let a sports doctor speak out about the corona virus. It’s like going to the orthopedist with a cold. “

Picture too

Cathy Hummels in October 2019.

© imago images / Future Image

And another notes: “For comparison: In the daily NDR Coronavirus update of the public law speaks Prof. Dr. Drosten, chief virologist at the Charité and the questioner is a trained science journalist! In Cathys Corona Update a practicing sports doctor speaks and therefore not an expert and the interview partner is an influencer. And you can tell that when you watch. “

Even that Oliver Pocher could comment on “Cathy’s Corona Consultation” is already suspected. The comedian has kept coming back in the past few days excited about the corona appearances of some influencers. So far there is only a video from “Cathy’s Corona Consultation” on her Instagram account.

2:59 p.m .: Crown Prince Frederik’s “Royal Run” postponed due to corona crisis

The “Royal Run” in Denmark initiated by Crown Prince Frederik (51) is postponed for a few months due to the corona crisis. The running events planned for early June in Copenhagen, Sønderborg, Odense, Aalborg and Bornholm are now to take place on September 6, the Danish royal family announced on Wednesday.

The “Royal Run” in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, will be moved from May 28th to August 30th. According to the organizers, a total of 80,000 runners have already registered for the fun runs. The organizers had previously canceled the Copenhagen Marathon scheduled for May 17.

2:10 p.m .: Andrea Berg provides hotel for care

Andrea Berg shows solidarity in the corona crisis and transforms her hotel into a “reserve hospital”. The family of the pop singer owns the hotel “Sonnenhof” in Aspach in the Rems-Murr district. To relieve the burden on the clinics in the district, it has announced that 100 of the hotel’s 260 beds will be made available for short-term care.

Patients who, after a stay in hospitals in Winnenden and Schondorf due to the crisis, are not allowed to go to their care facilities should be temporarily transferred to the “Sonnenhof”.

As Berg’s family says on the hotel’s Facebook page, the aim is to help ensure that “urgently needed hospital beds can be made available for inpatient treatment of COVID-19 patients in the clinic itself”.

However, this is just an emergency plan that may never have to be implemented. If it should come to that, you want to help “of course within our means”.

“We hope that we can master this crisis together and that we can soon celebrate life together again in the Sonnenhof … then certainly more consciously and intensively than before.”

1:39 pm Singer of Sons of Mannheim organizes online pop concert

Söhne Mannheims singer Rolf Stahlhofen organizes an online pop festival with German musicians based on information from “Mannheimer Morgen” (Thursday).

Under the motto “We say thank you!” artists like Peter Maffay, Laith Al-Deen and hard rock singer Doro Pesch and Stahlhofen want to thank doctors, nurses, police officers, truck drivers and other helpers for what they did during the corona crisis.

According to the report, the musicians want to perform live in their private rooms on Friday evening (March 27).

12:39: Lena Meyer-Landrut gives tips on making masks

Lena Meyer-Landrut has called her followers on Instagram to do the “right thing”. “Apart from staying at home and washing your hands, there is one thing we can all do now to stop the virus. And that is: Mask on!” How to make yourself can tinker herself, the singer shared with her 3.3 million followers.

11:52 a.m .: Prince Charles tested positive for corona virus

The British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, was infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son had tested positive for the pathogen, his London residence Clarence House said on Wednesday.

The 71-year-old suffers from mild symptoms of the lung disease COVID-19 caused by the pathogen, but is otherwise well.

A test for the virus was also carried out on his wife Duchess Camilla. However, this was negative. The two are now in quarantine in their Scottish estate.

How Prince Charles came into contact with the pathogen is currently not clear. It is possible, however, that he became infected with Prince Albert of Monaco.

The two met on March 10th at a charity event for the non-profit organization “Water Aid” in London. A few days later, Albert of Monaco announced that it had tested positive for the corona virus.

11:05 am: Angelo Kelly gets out of “The Masked Singer” due to corona crisis

He was the cockroach: Musician Angelo Kelly (38) voluntarily left the music advice show “The Masked Singer” and took off his costume. “Unfortunately it’s over for me. I personally decided to leave early,” said the Kelly Family sprout in a video message on Tuesday evening.

The reason: he lives with his family in Ireland. The show meant a big trip for him every week – and that is just not an option at the moment. “It wouldn’t be responsible to me, my family, and others,” said Kelly. As you might expect, he meant the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the voluntary unmasking, the advice team made up of singer Rea Garvey, moderator Ruth Moschner and comedian Luke Mockridge had already tapped Angelo Kelly.

He had appeared on the ProSieben show, in which celebrities sing hidden under elaborate masks, in a cockroach costume with a gangsta rap look. In a last feature film he wore the mask again. In it he said: “I’m sorry. Every street ends once.”

10:00 am: Arnold Schwarzenegger donates a million to fight Corona

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has launched an aid project to support people who are at the forefront of the fight against the corona virus. The 72-year-old announced this in a post on Instagram.

Where the British heir to the throne caught the virus was initially unclear. At 71, he belongs to a group with an increased risk. (Teaserimage: imago images / PA Images)

“I never believed in sitting on the couch and complaining about how bad things are,” the actor writes in the post. “I have always believed that we should all do our part to improve things.”

Schwarzenegger’s project is called “Frontline Responders Fund” and is primarily intended to support the doctors and nurses in the hospitals. As the actor continues, he has already donated $ 1 million to fight Corona himself. “And I hope that all of you who can step forward to support these heroes.”

8:12 am: Heidi Klum posts the test result

Heidi Klum has reassured her fans on Instagram under the hashtag “covid_19negative”: The model has not been infected with the corona virus. About two weeks ago, the 46-year-old had gone to bed with cold-like symptoms. Since then, the head of the model has been at home. Read here what Heidi Klum told her fans about Instagram.

News from Tuesday, March 24th:

16:28 Mark Forster with live show from his studio

Corona live shows – the next: After show greats like Thomas Gottschalk and Günther Jauch, pop musician Mark Forster (37) will also be shown in an unusual format this Wednesday. “I am alone in a room, without a mask, sound engineer or cameraman. Only me, a camera, a lamp and my piano, which I take with me from home,” said Forster of the German Press Agency in Berlin.

The two-hour broadcast “Live from the Ranger Strasse “will be broadcast from a studio in Berlin. The musician will talk to celebrities like Sido, Coldplay singer Chris Martin or television chef Steffen Henssler via video link.” I can guarantee that there will be an extremely large number of technical breakdowns. I do not know what Chris Martin has for a WLAN at home. If it jerky, then it jerky, “said Forster. If necessary, he would tell old jokes about Jürgen von der Lippe.

The songwriter (“choirs”) still regards the current situation with exit restrictions and contact bans as surreal. “It is a situation that has never existed before. I am stunned and try to make the best of it.” He plays the piano at home, watches old football videos on the Internet and cooks more. “In all the craziness, there is also something slowing down this time. It takes you back to the bottom of the facts,” said Forster.

2:44 p.m .: YouTube star Bibi has become a mother again and warns fans

Despite Corona, there is also good news from the world of the stars. Influencer and YouTuber Bianca “Bibi” Classen has become a mother for the second time. This announced the 27-year-old on Instagram, where she shared a snapshot of her offspring.

Little Emily is a few days old. She saw the light of day on the morning of March 20.

“We are overjoyed and totally overwhelmed,” writes Classen to the post. “We are so infinitely grateful to have each other. There are no words to describe my feelings. Lying on the couch with my two children in my arms together with July is the greatest thing for me.”

Picture too

Prince Charles has tested positive for the corona virus. This was announced by his London residence Clarence House on Wednesday.

© picture alliance / empics

The birth did not seem to go very smoothly. Because, as the YouTuber explains on Instagram, her family “has been put a few stones in the way by the current situation”. However, Bibi owes her followers an explanation of exactly what she means by this.

Despite all the joy about the birth of little Emily, Bibi also makes very serious notes at the end of the Instagram post. So she asks her fans “stay at home as much as possible and avoid unnecessary contacts. Let us be considerate of our fellow human beings – just as we would like to be treated with consideration.”

1:43 p.m .: Afro jazz star Manu Dibango dies after coronavirus infection

The world-famous Cameroonian saxophonist and composer Manu Dibango has died after being infected with the corona virus. Dibango fell ill with Covid-19 and died at the age of 86, French media reported on Tuesday, citing family and management. The infection by the artist known as “Papa Groove” became known about a week ago.

Dibango, born in Douala in Cameroon in 1933, came to France at the age of 15. He became famous for his afro jazz style. “Soul Makossa” is the name of the world-famous piece from 1972, with which he was also successful in the USA and went on tour. He worked with greats like Herbie Hancock or Youssou N’Dour and has received many awards for his work.

In France, Dibango developed his passion for music and finally went to Brussels and Paris. He worked with the musician Joseph Kabasélé in the 1960s and was engaged by Dick Rivers and Nino Ferrer. Dibango publicized the Makossa music style outside of Cameroon, even accusing superstars like Michael Jackson and R&B singer Rihanna that they used “Soul Makossa”.

13:27 Tim Mälzer: Charity despite financial difficulties

Celebrity chef Tim Mälzer shows what solidarity can look like in the corona crisis. Although Mälzer is currently in a financially difficult situation due to the epidemic, he is still generous. Together with the teams from his restaurants and other restaurateurs from Hamburg the maltster distributed free food to the staff of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). The campaign under the motto “Cooking for heroes” should not remain a one-off.

“If the canteen has just broken away or you can no longer take care of yourself due to the many closings these days, please contact us by email at [email protected] The whole thing will cost you nothing, by the way,” writes Maltster on the action on Instagram.

12:15 p.m .: Special arrangement for Thai king

There are curfews in Germany, restaurants and shops are largely closed. The luxury hotel “Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl” in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is also affected by the corona rules of the federal government and may not open. But the hotel has now made an exception for a prominent guest: The Thai king Maha Vajiralonkorn, also called Rama X., has moved to the four-star hotel.

11:51: Eric Clapton postpones tour concert in Munich until 2021

Eric Clapton postpones his European tour and therefore his three concerts in Germany because of the Corona crisis. He was originally scheduled to perform in Munich on May 31, and then in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf. Now his appearances are supposed to take place a year later.

“Unfortunately, based on government instructions and recommendations from health organizations, we have no other option,” said a Tuesday statement. “The health of the band, crew, hall staff and fans is our top priority.”

Clapton’s appearance in Munich is now to be postponed to May 21, 2021, in Stuttgart on June 6 and in Düsseldorf on June 8, 2021. The tickets remain valid.

11:01 am: Disney + promises distraction from Corona

Netflix and Co. have had a new strong rival in Germany since Tuesday: Disney has started its video streaming service. In times of Corona, where there is often a lack of alternative employment opportunities, a new streaming service is of course very convenient.

But especially now you shouldn’t overdo it with binge wading. Because the corona crisis is also causing a significant additional burden on Internet providers.

In order not to put an additional load on the network, you should not currently stream films or series in HD. Services like Netflix, YouTube and Amazone Prime have even throttled the quality of their streams.

Disney + will also be running in Europe in the coming weeks with somewhat reduced image quality in order to relieve the networks in the corona virus crisis.

Disney + initially has a much narrower range of programs than its big competitors, but the entertainment giant relies on the attraction of “Star Wars”, the Marvel comic book films and its extensive children’s program.

Especially in the corona crisis with closed schools and kindergartens as well as parents in the home office, content for children can be an attractive argument for a streaming service.

Since the service only had a few exclusive crowd-pullers at the start, such as the “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian”, Disney set the monthly price at 6.99 euros below the level of its big competitors.

10:34 am: That’s how Tom Hanks feels

Actor Tom Hanks has contracted the corona virus. Now, after two weeks, he is giving his followers an update on his state of health on Twitter: “Two weeks after our first symptoms appeared, we feel better.” His wife Rita Wilson also contracted the virus. The actor encourages his fans: “It will take a while, but if we take care of each other, help where we can, and give up a little comfort … then that will also go away.”

Over 350,000 people have already “liked” his post and retweeted almost 50,000 times (as of March 24, 10 a.m.).

9:57 am: GNTM-Mareike sends “Stay home” message

At “Germany’s next top model” is Candidate Mareike voluntarily got out last week. She was no longer there with her heart, the model announced and packed his bags. Now the 24-year-old, who has a tattoo on her entire body, has once again posted a photo on Instagram and has appealed to her followers to stay at home. “Let’s make the best of the situation,” the model wrote of the photo she took on Bali a few weeks ago. “I miss the warm weather, but now the most important thing is #stayhome.”

Her followers love the 24-year-old for her hot tattoo pictures: “I admire you with your self-confidence,” writes one user, another says it in one word: “Wow.”

7:40 am: Influencer breaks down because of Oliver Pocher

Oliver Pocher is no longer targeting the Wendler, but the YouTube stars and influencers. The comedian goes live on Instagram every day. His youngest victim: Sarah and Dominic Harrison. That was too much for the pregnant influencer: she collapsed.

7:08 a.m .: Jauch, Gottschalk and Pocher found a quarantine flat share

Most people are currently on the phone using video conferences. Even celebrities make no difference and so RTL has made a direct TV format for the corona crisis: the quarantine flat share. Oliver Pocher, Günther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk were on Monday evening first connected via video.

Stay in our Live blog about the corona crisis up to date: Here you will find all information.

With material from dpa and afp



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