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Love is in the air and on the playground too! The third season of the reality show Inseparable, love to the limit he returned to television with Mauricio Barcelata as the new driver.

There are ten famous couples who on this occasion participate in various games and physical activities to win a succulent prize of three million pesos. The third season premiered on May 2 and is broadcast from Monday to Friday on Channel 5 from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

In the words of the actor and host Mauricio Barcelata, what we will see over the next two months will be stories of love, lack of love, failures and triumphs of each of the participating couples, who will also have to live in the same house and for course share absolutely everything, from the pool and gardens, to the bathroom and bedroom.

“There are ten couples inside a house sharing their entire habitat; bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and all the intimate part, in itself it is complicated to live with a person eventually like your partner, imagine sharing that moment and the same box with ten couples with totally different personalities, for two months incommunicado and apart from everything trying be the winner of three million pesos.

The participating couples are: Alma Zero and René de la Parra; Adrian Di Monte and Sandra Itzel; Daphne Montesinos and Jesus Mosque; Ferka and Christian Estrada; King Grouper and Isa Castro; Lili Brillanti and Jesus Zapico; Mache and John Manuel Diaz; Naidelyn Navarrete and David Anguiano; Zoraida Gomez and Jorge Torres, as well as Virna Flores and Ismael de la Rosa.

“They are famous couples, some of them masters of social networks, actors, actresses. We have, for example, Zoraida Gómez, a well-known actress with eight seasons of I fall over laughing and she goes to Jorge Torres who is her partner and perhaps many did not know him; we also have Rey Grupero with Isa Castro, a very controversial woman for Acapulco Shoreall this generates a real chaos inside the house”, assures Barcelata.

In addition to the intimate coexistence, each couple will have to make a series of bets in which they will put their trust in their spouse to the test, depending on the mental dexterity and physical abilities of each contestant, the couple will advance in the competition to win the three million of weights.

In the first season of Inseparable, love to the limit, the champions were Adolfo Argudín and Haydeé Navarra; while the winners of the second season were Mariazel Olle and Adrián Rubio.

“Do not miss the program, we will have love, laughter and intrigue, and the couples will have to show that they are inseparable in their lives, despite what the other participants try,” said host and actor Mauricio Barcelata.

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