CdMx. Covid-19 patients ‘pilgrimage’ to hospitals to be treated

Given the rebound in covid-19 cases in Mexico City, the hospital saturation is notorious once again, and that is that despite the fact that health authorities assure that there is availability in hospitals, the reality is different.

“Patients come, they receive them, they treat them, I imagine, to revive them a little and they go out to look again” So, Veronica Hernandez, a relative of a patient infected with coronavirus, details the saturation that exists in the General Hospital of Mexico, “Dr. Eduardo Liceaga”, located in the capital of the country.

Such as VeronicaThere are hundreds of cases in Mexico and each of them with a different history; However, all with the same objective: to find a hospital where they can receive their relatives, where most who arrive, already have severe symptoms and some may even require a ventilator, which has been scarce in recent years. months.

But finding the hospital is not the only complicated thing for all those, who unfortunately the covid-19 has somehow reached. Also the transfers become complicated and it is that, “the difficulty is when you do not have your own car. Well, not all taxis say if we will take you … But yes, it is to look for and for the moment they tell you, it is not that I can not get you “so he relates Veronica, who, like many Mexican families, does not have the opportunity to move safely with their coronavirus-infected patient, making the trip through Mexico City less bearable.

“We come from here in Neza … In the other hospitals they cannot receive it because it brings very little oxygen, which needs oxygenation” It is part of the testimonies of another of so many Mexican families who made a pilgrimage for more than five hours in search of a hospital or medical care center where they could receive their relative, an adult person in his 60s who had respiratory failure and that would have been diagnosed earlier, as possible covid case.

However, despite the obstacles, their fight did not end. After being rejected in the General Hospital of Mexico, due to the limited availability of beds, they went to XXI Century Medical Center. In this complex, the response was not related to hospital capacity but rather to the payment they had to make, a fact that made them change their option. After a journey of more than 4 hours by car, they reached the General Hospital of Balbuena, place where it was finally accepted.

In other cases, some Mexicans decide not to continue with the search and only stand guard outside the same hospital in the hope that their relatives will be received.

But this process is not easy and “We wanted to take the risk of staying here, the other was to take him home and hire oxygen”, like this testimony of Irene, relative of a patient with covid-19 in the General Hospital of Mexico, many others are presented since due to hospital saturation, transfer is not an option, however, your wait, despite being more tolerable, can be longer than 9 hours, until beds are available and even, to be told that there is no possibility of receiving it.

Like these cases, this is how the day-to-day lives of hundreds of thousands of Mexicans looking for a place for their loved ones to be cared for, as a result of the rebound in covid-19 cases in the capital of Mexico.



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