Cdiscount sales: the Samsung Galaxy M12 smartphone at only €159

Do you need to replace your smartphone? Samsung’s Galaxy M range is the brand’s entry-level with a very attractive price at prices below €300. Buy your smartphone at a low price by benefiting from a discount on the Galaxy M12 available at only €159 while its base price is €271.24!

The Samsung Galaxy M12, in a nutshell

The Galaxy M12 smartphone has a versatile camera, the main sensor is 48 megapixels. The autonomy is excellent thanks to the 5000 mAh battery, it is possible to use the smartphone all day without needing to recharge it. This smartphone is compatible with 15W fast charging, quickly the battery level will be higher. The Galaxy M12 has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, to have more space you can add a MicroSD card. The 6.5-inch screen has an HD+ definition (720 x 1600 pixels).

Why choose the Galaxy M12?

Do you have a small budget for the purchase of your smartphone? The Galaxy M12 has the advantage of having a very good autonomy and you will not need to worry about the level of the battery, it is the strong point of this smartphone at a low price. It is a smartphone that you can keep for a long time, in case of problems spare parts are available and you will find complete documentation to reset the software. The Galaxy M12 has a side fingerprint reader, a nice feature that some people like. If you are looking for a simple smartphone, the Galaxy M12 will certainly be suitable for you. Samsung is a renowned brand for the quality of manufacture and the reliability of its products.


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