Cattle ‘forgotten’ cattle farmer Kootwijkerbroek was also allowed to be culled in foot and mouth crisis | Barneveld newspaper

KOOTWIJKERBROEK/THE HAGUE The livestock of a farmer in Kootwijkerbroek was allowed to be culled as a preventive measure during the foot-and-mouth disease crisis (FMD) in 2001. That was the judgment of the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (CBb) in a case brought by a ‘forgotten’ cattle farmer on behalf of Henk van den Brink. With this ruling, the issue of the preventive culling of tens of thousands of animals in the Gelderland village is now finally over.

According to the latest CBb opinion, it is right that the minister based the culling on lab results of animals tested positive for FMD from a company near the livestock farmer’s company. Clearing was therefore not a disproportionate measure.

TEST RESULTS During the session last year, questions were raised about the test results. Monsters would have been lost and mistakes would have been made. Farmers in Kootwijkerbroek hoped to be proved right by using this last straw. They have always said that the culling of the animals was unjust. For example, there is still great doubt among the farmers whether there was foot and mouth disease in the village.

The legal proceedings surrounding the foot and mouth crisis in Kootwijkerbroek were already ended in 2020. This happened after the CBb had accepted the lab results as correct. This was also stated at the last session last year. The doubts expressed about this during the last session were too late and the CBb does not take this into account.

EMOTIONAL DAMAGE However, the relevant livestock farmer had been forgotten in an earlier final decision on the matter. Because the case dragged on for him longer, he does receive compensation. Also because of the emotional damage it has caused. As early as 2009 the minister was instructed to make a decision.

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