Health careful not to expose themselves to the sun after...

careful not to expose themselves to the sun after application


While the high summer temperatures approaching, gestures barriers against the Covid-19 must not be forgotten on the beaches. Attention, however, to excess of zeal.

For the Spanish daily El Mundo., dermatologists warn about the danger of the hydroalcoholic gel applied before a significant exposure to the sun.

In fact, these solutions contain alcohol, which makes the skin more fragile to the sun’s rays. The specificity of the absence of color on the gel gives the impression that there is more on the hands, which is not always the case.

Substance photosensitising

The gel “is composed of approximately 70 % alcohol. However, it is a substance photosensitising : if one exposes his hands brushed the hydroalcoholic solution in the range, then you risk what is called a dermatitis in charm, a burning characteristic caused by the reaction of the alcohol on the skin with the sun “, thus prevents the dermatologist Dr Catherine Oliverès-Ghouti, to our confreres in 20 minutes.

More rare but even more dangerous : the gels that may contain fragrance or essential oils can lead to a risk of hyperpigmentation of the skin once in the sun.

Therefore, it is preferable to wash hands with soap before a major exhibition.



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