Health Cardiovascular patients: Increased caution in corona, times ()

Cardiovascular patients: Increased caution in corona, times ()


17.06.20 09:00
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Baierbrunn (ots) – In the corona times, people with heart should disease particularly good at taking care of themselves. Although people with certain pre-existing conditions have no increased risk of SARS-CoV-2 to infect. If it happens, though, the higher your risk of developing hard. “In Covid-19, there may be a direct injury of the heart by viruses from infecting the coronary vessels,” explains cardiologist Professor Thomas Meinertz from the German heart Foundation in the health magazine “apotheken Umschau”.

Overload is a danger for the heart in pneumonia

A corona infection can also result without a direct infection of the lung to an enormous strain on the cardiovascular system. A pronounced inflammation of the lungs, for example, prevents an adequate oxygen saturation of the blood, must cause the heart to beat faster to supply all the organs with enough oxygen. This represents the heart of an immense more work, which can overload the body, especially if it is already damaged. Also SARS-CoV can-2 direct damage to the heart and the blood vessels cause, if the Virus is the epithelial cell – cell layers, which affects as a deck, the outer and inner surfaces of organs and lining fabric and there is an inflammation of the triggers.

Routine discussions via tele-medical consultation

For heart patients, it is therefore particularly important to protect yourself from infection. This means: wash your hands frequently, spacing rules to comply with, the public transport to avoid for one to buy, as far as possible. In addition, should be used for routine conversations with the doctor’s tele-medical consultations. Symptoms such as shortness of breath get worse, or occur in these new, should heart patients communicate with their doctor – with stronger complaints to the ambulance.

This message is only the source is free for publication. The health magazine “apotheken Umschau” 6/2020 B is currently in most pharmacies. Many other interesting health News .

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