World Captain, Us air craft carrier is still off set

Captain, Us air craft carrier is still off set


The captain of the corona, hit the American aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt gets the job permanently, will not be back. Brett Crozier, was to march from his position and put it after it in a letter written by him was leaked in which he called for stricter measures to be taken against the spread of the same name. The marineleiding is advised to first have to put him back in place, but that decision is now reversed, after an extended follow-up study.

The captain wanted to be in the march approval order for the vast majority of the crew on shore. It was, according to him, the only way to see the corona of an outbreak on board, in order to. Eventually it grew to more than 1000 of the 5000 people on board may be infected with the virus, and even Crozier himself.

Bevelstructuur is broken

The letter that Crozier had sent, had become one of the marineleiding in Washington dc. That is, that he is the bevelstructuur had been interrupted by a call to a number of high-ranking officers to his immediate boss in the situation. The row has led to one of the largest leiderschapscrises in the history of the united states navy.

The follow-up of the navy, it appears that Crozier and his immediate superior, rear admiral Stuart P. Baker, “grave errors of judgment” have been made. Baker will get a punishment, his promotion will be delayed.

The minister in charge of Crozier in the first place, its function was more as though his job is lost. Thomas Modly, flew to Guam for the crew of the Roosevelt’s words. He called Crozier “a too naive or too stupid for his job. This has led to a large outcry.

The virus could easily spread to the navy. The members of the crew live and work closely together in confined spaces. The ship was two and a half months not to be used. It was time for the coast of Guam, an American island in the Pacific Ocean.


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