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Mr. GUIBAÏ GATAMA, Publishing Director of l’Oeil du Sahel, Member of the National Communication Council

By email

Congratulations and call for wisdom

Mr. Director and dear compatriot,

For several years now, you have been able to give greater visibility to the greater northern region of our country, by working alongside elites such as my brother Daniel Kalbassou, founder of Crédit du Sahel and current president of the Regional Council of the Far North. , for the popularization of many achievements as well as the highlighting as much of the potential as of the multiple expectations of the populations. I point out to you in passing that I have a heartfelt attachment for there.

In fact, through the emblematic newspaper “L’œil du Sahel”, whose seriousness, professionalism, quality, relevance and consistency I salute here, you offer a permanent and essential reference platform, as well as a sentimental window allowing to understand, to learn, to teach and to inform about the North. Also, your recent appointment as a member of the National Communication Council (CNC) by the Head of State appeared to national and international opinion as a fair and legitimate recognition. CONGRATULATIONS.

Dear compatriot,

Thus installed in a posture and a status which gives you responsibilities, visibility and relative influence, your voice counting and worth what any opinion leader represents, you are also called upon to adopt other attitudes, others. social and political terms of reference, and other approaches, both the current context of our country, imposes on all of us, you and me, the others and us, more than reserve, more than prudence and more than patience.

I would like here to humbly call your private attention to the unfortunately ambivalent judgments which may have emerged from some of your recent statements and positions. Our compatriots as a whole are certainly impatient, admittedly worried, admittedly dominated by many problems of life, survival and development, in view of the many upheavals in times of the COVID 19 pandemic, but nothing should lead us or to discouragement, nor to the exacerbation of hatred and fractures generated by sectarian discourse and excessive and selfish demands. Peace, forgiveness, stability, tolerance, dialogue and reconciliation must constitute a common profession of well-shared faith. No region is more important than another, and none is more like five or six decades ago. Everywhere we have moved forward a little and are moving forward, we have moved a little. We will continue, according to the best of consensus.

Admittedly, the country is going through a difficult, crucial and undoubtedly decisive moment for the further construction of its destiny, in a heavy climate mortgaged by the prospect of transition to the top of the State and the Republic. But please, let us be strong, responsible, courageous and pragmatic so as not to let ourselves be dominated by village, clan or regionalist reptilian instincts.

I know that you are always awake and always prompt in dialogue, and that is why I have allowed myself to take this step.

With my patriotic feelings and fraternal greetings./.


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