Camera Records Space Jellyfish, This Is What Actually Happened

JAKARTAPhenomenon Unique spacecraft occurred in the sky Waycross, Georgia, United States where objects such as space jellyfish were flying. The sighting immediately became the center of attention considering it was classified as very unique.

This oddity makes Chris Combs, Professor of Aerodynamics and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio, United States call it a space jellyfish. “Space jellyfish, so beautiful,” wrote Chris Combs, via his official twitter account.

It’s just that the jellyfish is not a sighting of an unknown celestial body or UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). In his next upload Chris Combs also confirmed that the celestial phenomenon that occurred in the Georgian sky was not evidence of the presence of alien glowing invertebrates.

Instead of that phenomenon is the natural appearance of the rocket Falcon 9 belonging to SpaceX launched at the same time from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, United States. It is known that the distance between Georgia and Florida is 400 kilometers.

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Uniquely, SpaceX regularly launches rockets from the Kennedy Space Center. However, this is the first time their rocket has produced a very unique celestial phenomenon.

Chris Comb said it happened because of physics and the right moment. According to him, the “body” of the jellyfish that seemed to be visible in the sky was the exhaust from the Falcon 9 rocket that left the rocket’s engine nozzle.

The exhaust discharge looks round like a jellyfish’s body from a distance due to the pressure difference inside and outside the nozzle. In that case the exhaust gases coming out of the nozzle are “enlarged” – meaning the gas pressure is higher than the ambient air as the exhaust gases exit the engine nozzle.

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