Call of Duty Warzone: Solo, duo, trio, quads … Infinity Ward finally says yes to everything

Flee month I follow you, follow me I flee you … Fashions of the Battle Royale, Warzone, have been playing cat and mouse for the past few days: when one arrives it is to better chase the other and, frankly, the players are a little confused. This is why Infinity Ward finally decided to get everyone to agree by giving access almost all modes: solo, trio and then quads, introduced with season 3. Three modes available, at the same time! No more unpleasant surprises when you managed to get your team of friends together only to find that your favorite mode is no longer available. And for the duo will you tell me We will still have to wait a little bit.

Teams of four were introduced with Season 3.

Because the arrival of the teams of two is still only a (very solid) rumor: a screen of the official site announcing the arrival of the mode circulated on Twitter before the page is quickly updated. A small misstep on the part of Infinity Ward? Surely. We just hope that the duos will not stop another mode when they land … In any case, this multiplication of game modes proves once again the excellent form of Call of Duty Warzone. You have to have a lot of players to divide your community of players and take the risk of increasing the matchmaking time. But with 30 million players, the Battle Royale does not have to worry too much.

It is still possible to play solo.
It is still possible to play solo.


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