Byun Chang-heum “A deep apology to the people… Promoting the public housing business without disruption” (General)

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Byeon Chang-heum said on the 4th, “As the minister in charge of the relevant affairs and as the head of the agency who ran the agency just before, I deeply apologize to the public on the allegations of speculation by the employees of the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH). “He said.

This is the first expression of Minister Byun’s position as employees of the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) purchased land in Gwangmyeong and Siheung, Gyeonggi Province, and suspected speculation was raised before the announcement of the construction of the new city. He served as the president of LH at the time most of the controversial LH employees (9 out of 10) bought the land. The time he served as president of LH was from April 2019 to December last year.

Minister Byeon said, “There has been an unpleasant thing at the institution that has to execute public development projects based on the reliability and transparency of the policy.” “After the announcement of the new towns in Gwangmyeong and Siheung on February 24, an employee of the Korea Housing and Land Corporation, an agency that proposes district designation. “There was a suspicion that they speculated on the location, and the purchase of the land by the employees was confirmed to be some facts.”

He said, “We will thoroughly investigate to restore the trust of the people and announce the results and countermeasures to prevent recurrence in the near future.” “We will continue to promote public housing projects for the stability of housing in Korea,” he said.

He said, “The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, under the direction of the Prime Minister’s Office, has initiated a thorough investigation of allegations of speculation raised in the 3rd new town for employees of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, public institutions and local governments related to housing site business.” “We plan to check the status of land ownership and transactions by including spouses and direct relatives in the survey.”

Minister Byeon also said, “We will strictly limit real estate transactions that are not for the purpose of real residence by the officials in charge, and make it mandatory to report when real estate transactions are made.” I will also try to find out,” he said.

The following is one question and one answer with Minister Byeon.

-Is it possible to confiscate land or recover market capital gains if the facts related to this speculation allegation are confirmed? How much punishment is possible if the fact of speculation is additionally revealed in the 3rd new town thorough investigation?

“We plan to thoroughly investigate the allegations of speculation in the Gwangmyeong and Siheung new towns, which have been the problem this time, through a joint investigation with related agencies, as well as allegations of speculation in the third new town. In accordance with the laws and regulations, appropriate punishment may be made, and we are planning to take strict measures such as requesting an investigation.

I believe that the level of punishment will be punished according to the law. In addition, if there are separate punishment regulations in accordance with job regulations or ethics regulations within each institution, I think it may be possible to punish them accordingly.”

-There are concerns that this situation will adversely affect the promotion of real estate policies such as the 2nd and 4th measures. Will the announcement of the 2nd new housing site scheduled for April be postponed?

“I am sorry for the part where the trust in the public sector has been lost a lot due to this unpleasant thing. The thing that can restore the public’s trust is a thorough investigation into the allegations of speculation raised this time, and the punishment of the relevant person is clarified, and again. Seems to be taking steps to prevent this from happening.

If the real estate policy is promoted on this basis, will the real estate policy enforcement become more transparent and fair? Public housing projects, etc., included in the second and fourth measures, are currently in progress, so they will proceed without a hitch. However, in the process of proceeding, we will thoroughly investigate and verify in advance so that this does not happen.”

-The scope of the total survey is only for employees and families of related departments in the 3rd new city. Are major housing maps such as Gwacheon other than the 3rd new city subject to be surveyed?

“This survey targets all employees of public companies such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and LH, and is included in the survey targets not only of employees, but also of spouse and direct lineage. In addition, local governments are difficult to target all employees, so Public officials, their spouses, and their immediate relatives and relatives will be the subject of the survey, first of all, eight large-scale housing sites with a scale of over 1 million square meters in the third new city. I will decide whether to add it.”

-The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport staff are also subject to the survey, is it effective to investigate the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport? Whether you need an external audit.

“As the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport operates a land transaction computer network, it is inevitable to participate in the investigation by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Since the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and related organizations are currently under the direction of the Prime Minister’s Office to form a joint investigation team, the reliability of the investigation can be secured.

After the results of the investigation, the judgment on whether it is illegal will be made fairly in the auditor’s office dispatched to each agency, not the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. As a result of the investigation, if additional audits such as public interest audits by the auditor are required, or if police investigations are necessary, we will take active measures such as requesting an investigation to the relevant institution, and provide related data.

-How do retirees plan to investigate?

“Because retirees are civilians, prior consent is required to conduct an investigation. It is true that there is a little difficulty in obtaining such consent. I will consider.”


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