News Bystanders were filming a revival of the child: "Do...

Bystanders were filming a revival of the child: “Do with this footage!’ | Interior


“In the resuscitation of a young child is found to be considerate of the need to film or photograph. We ask that you use the images online, or distribute it. And that’s not all… do it again next time,” according to the police.

The child was lying on the pavement, and was rushed to the hospital. Also, the fire department, and a trauma helicopter and the police came to the scene. The response would take a lot of time have been giving the incident more attention on the street.

The only professional-112-the photographers will be expected to create images, but they will never get the lens right on the target, or a recognizable image. It is also sometimes asked to wait for the publication to be the first in the family to be able to light up. Usually, such photographers a press pass to come to him.


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