Burkina Faso’s president is said to have been arrested – VG

President Roch Marc Christian Kabore is said to have been arrested in a military camp by rebels in Burkina Faso, Reuters reports.


The news agency gets it confirmed by two unnamed security sources and a diplomat. French RFI quotes its correspondent in the West African country and an unnamed source of security for the president has been arrested and there is talk of a coup.

They also write that a statement is expected in the next few hours. At the same time as the news of the arrest comes on Monday, soldiers have been seen outside the state TV station, reports AFP.

The alleged arrest comes the day after an exchange of gunfire near the president’s home in Ouagadougou. The exchange of fire lasted for several hours, and soldiers are said to have taken control of the military barracks Lamizana Sangoule.

On Sunday night, protesters supporting the soldiers set fire to a building belonging to Kabore’s party.

Despite the growing unrest, the government has tried to deny that there is a coup.

The riots on Sunday came after several weeks of growing frustration over the government’s handling of the Islamist uprising in the country.

– Burkina has been living in an extremely tense security situation for several years now, says Siaka Coulibaly, director of the Center for Citizen Monitoring and Analysis of Social Policy, to RFI.

The country, which borders Mali, has for several years faced challenges with attacks from jihadist groups.

Coulibaly points out that the mutinies did not come as a big surprise, due to the tensions and dissatisfaction in the army, after several defeats and deaths.

RFI writes that protesters on Sunday showed their support for the soldiers and set up roadblocks in the capital Ouagadougou. Also on Saturday, there were attempts at demonstrations, which were stopped by the police.

PRESIDENT: Roch Marc Christian Kabore in early January.

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