Sport Bundesliga: League boss warns LASK to inspect

Bundesliga: League boss warns LASK to inspect


Because of its six-point deduction and the € 75,000 fine, the LASK moves before the protest committee, which decides in a second instance in about four weeks. Since the instance process could only be completed in mid-August and thus weeks after the planned league finish, the Permanent Neutral Arbitration Board may decide on the championship title and the distribution of the European Cup places.

Ebenbauer would like to avoid this scenario. “I hope that everything will be done so that the verdict has legal effect as soon as possible,” said the league chairman, who hopes that Linz will refrain from calling the last instance if the protest committee confirms the first verdict.

GEPA / Manfred Binder

The LASK and the league have done no service by not complying with the rules

An increase in the sentence is also excluded if the LASK has a negative outcome. “There is a ban on deterioration. The punishment cannot be higher than in the first instance, ”said Ebenbauer of the APA. This also applies to the third and last instance, the Permanent Neutral Arbitration Court. Ebenbauer is harder hit by the negative external effects of LASK behavior. “Personally, I think it’s a shame that the success of the top two leagues playing again is marred by this fact.”

Not mentioned for European Cup is in the room

Even if the protest committee makes a decision in the spirit of Linz, they could face adversity from another side: In the ÖFB presidium meeting on Friday, the possibility was discussed of not naming the LASK for the upcoming European Cup season. The request was shelved at least for the time being, but is not entirely off the table.

Scene from a European Cup match between Lask and PSV Eindhoven.

GEPA / Manfred Binder

Linz’s “worst case” scenario could make you fall for the roaring European Cup evenings like the 4-1 win against PSV Eindhoven

In this connection, ÖFB General Secretary Thomas Hollerer emphasized: “The ÖFB has complete trust in the independent bodies of the Bundesliga. We do not give an opinion on an ongoing procedure. ”The national association is responsible for naming the European Cup starters to the European Football Association (UEFA). LASK would not be present internationally if an application submitted was approved at a board meeting. Sanctioning Upper Austria by UEFA is not entirely out of the question.

Proceedings against trainers?

It is also unclear whether there will be a lawsuit against LASK employees such as trainer Valerien Ismael or Vice President Jürgen Werner, both of whom were involved in the prohibited conduct of team training. You will know more about this in seven to ten days. “We are waiting for the long version of the judgment and the minutes of the interview. Based on the testimony, we will decide whether and who we report, ”said Ebenbauer, who was not invited as a witness in the Senate 1 trial.

Ebenbauer was also not involved in the judgment. “The Senates act and make decisions independently,” said the Viennese. Nevertheless, the league boss was harshly criticized in many emails by angry fans for what they thought was too little punishment. “It’s part of the job, I’ve seen it several times. It is difficult for the general public to distinguish who is responsible for what, ”the 44-year-old showed calmly.


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