News Brown, PT, and PVEM 'show muscle' to the opposition...

Brown, PT, and PVEM ‘show muscle’ to the opposition and “full backing” to AMLO


Alberto Anaya, a leader of the PT, stated that his party supports the ideals of the first president even in legislative matters, by endorsing the initiatives made by him or by Morena in the Congress.

“The president stands in the centre of the social problems. All actions of government agree that ‘For the good of Mexico, the poor first’. In these moments of crisis, his concern is in the centre able to cater to the people who need it most,” he said.

The (pt) said that López Obrador represents a comprehensive project that the PT supports since 2006, so that does not rule out an alliance to 2021.

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“2021 is present and we believe that we need to build a work table with Brown and PVEM to effect of a project unit. It is a fundamental aspect for everything that comes next year: mps federalres, local, municipal presidencies, council areas, 15 gubernaturas,” said Anaya.

The three parties announce support, “absolute” López Obrador to a week of the Presidency of the Republic had made known the plan of a supposed “Opposition Block Wide” (BOA) to discredit López Obrador and Morena.

#QuéPasóCon… the Block-Wide Opposition?



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