Broken Cry! Rendy Meets Jessica at the Hospital when Aldebaran Holds the Evidence of Irvan’s Depravity: Love Bond Spoiler

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Spoiler soap Love Bond 17 November 2021 will tell Aldebaran successful in securing flash drive from his mother Vera.

soap operas Love Bond re-airing today on RCTI, starting at 19.45 WIB, if there is no change in broadcast hours.

This article is about story snippets Love Bond in the previous episode and a little story prediction in tonight’s episode.

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In last night’s episode it was told Aldebaran was accompanying Andin in the hospital who had to rest because of exhaustion that had an impact on the condition of her pregnancy.

Before Andin fell asleep, Aldebaran told his wife it was about the figure Jessica. Aldebaran increasingly suspicious of Irvan who is Andin’s uncle as the mastermind behind the terror acts.

Aldebaran ask if it is possible Jessica her son Irvan is Jessica Elsa’s friend at the Harapan Kasih rehab.

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Andin then revealed his story when he saw Elsa’s maternity photo. In the photo Elsa took a picture together Jessica and Grandma.

Andin immediately focused on the figure Jessica which is very similar to the photo Jessica that is at home Irvan.


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