Brive hospital hires actors to play fake patients, angry caregivers

The process is difficult to pass with the nursing staff of the Brive hospital (Corrèze). To assess the care of patients, the management decided to employ actors who pretend to be sick in six departments of the establishment, report The mountain, Thursday 2 December 2021.

The method, known only to the head doctors and service executives, was brought to light after the intervention of one of the actors in the psychiatric service of the hospital center. Staff had to call the police to find out if a confused person was not wanted, the local newspaper said.

Unions are stepping up to the plate

For its part, the staff takes a dim view of this process at a time when the hospital, whose emergency department is in great demand, triggered the white plan on November 20. ” It’s a waste of time. It is regrettable, lamentable, pathetic to act like this ”, reacted the secretary of the hospital section of Brive to the CFDT, Jean-Pierre Salès, questioned by France Blue Limousin.

“Carrying out this kind of investigation, hidden, with actors, is very unwelcome. It is disgusting as a practice. That we make surveys useful to all, why not! But in an open and official way. We warn “, lamented the union official with the local radio station. “These actors were expected to return in January-February. The staff do not want them to come back ”, reacted for its part the CGT, quoted by The mountain.

The hospital management assumes

For the management of the hospital, the method was not doomed “To put in difficulty” the staff. Michel Da Cunha, its deputy director, said it was one way “Less technocratic” to test employees so that they can “Improve”, note France Blue. According to the manager, « 90 % » exchanges between actors and hospital staff went well.

By setting up such a method, the hospital hopes to obtain the “Expert visitors” certification next June, explain our colleagues.


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