British Woman Earns IDR 194 Million Monthly from Breastfeeding Videos All

DEVON, – A woman in the UK admits to making £10,000 per month from videos of pumping milk on social media.

Woman named Alice Lovegood from Devon was even offered 100,000 pounds (Rp 1.9 billion) to breastfeed a fan.

The Sun reported, Monday (17/1/2022) the 27-year-old mother of three began doing the job after she became pregnant with her youngest child.

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Lovegood has an eight-year-old son, a three-year-old son, and a seven-month-old daughter.

Now, she is receiving thousands of paid requests for videos of her breastfeeding boobs.

“Before I started doing this last year, our lives were very different,” says Lovegood.

He added that his family had debts of more than £15,000 (Rp 291 million) which forced him to work hard, including weekends.

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“Now I can get my kids into a good school if I want and I can spend quality time with them,” Lovegood said.

Lovegood, said some people might think uploading videos is pumping ABOUTits disgusting.

However, he thought that the person’s assumptions were reasonable and he didn’t care what people said.

“I am proud of what I have achieved and I love the trust given to me” said Lovegood.

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Lovegood is now considering selling his breast milk to fans for over £300 a pack.

“People want to see me squirt milk from your breast, drink my milk and pump milk from my breast dressed like a cow,” Lovegood said.

“Many of my followers say my content is actually quite healthy! My fans sometimes love the sound of pumping milk or the visuals of me wearing a nursing bra.”

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