British humor on the stage of Daile Theater – “A performance that turns into butter” / Article

“Different audiences react differently to the show, but I think there is something interesting for everyone,” says director Eimija Mārčanta. “It’s always interesting to see which moments seem to be more successful and funny to which audience and which less. We had to change the mention of the band ‘Duran Duran’ to ‘ABBA’ because ‘Duran Duran’ isn’t as well known here. Here’s an interesting change. But otherwise it was a very smooth process, which was truly amazing. “

In the center of the play is a story about the enthusiasts of the Cornley Drama Circle, who stage “Murder at Haversham Manor”. The authors of the play have come up with a full bouquet of accidents that can happen on the theater stage during the production, and about the situations that actors tend to appear in their worst dreams.

Theater critic Maija Svarinska shares her thoughts: “A new, unexpected type of comedy, a genre. Sometimes touching, funny.

The show is technically complex. Actors must be able to balance between falling decorations, overcome various obstacles and at the same time act in a special manner, unusual for the Latvian theater school. The audience’s understanding of English humor was different for the premiere of the Daile Theater.

Valdis Zatlers also attended the show, admitting: “We are at a very high professional level. And whether we can bring British humor into Latvian society is an open question. In such a good performance, I think there are hopes.”

The actors also emphasize that the added value of the show is technical performance – there is no room for improvisation.

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