Britain abandons additional quarantine measures

The British authorities abandoned the idea of ​​introducing stricter quarantine restrictions due to the Omicron coronavirus strain. This was announced on Monday, January 3, by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, writes Sky News.

According to Johnson, the Omicron coronavirus strain is more tolerated than other strains, and this makes it possible not to impose stricter restrictions yet.

He also noted that the UK is in a better position than most other countries due to the very high vaccination rate. And to ensure that the health care system is not under pressure from the high infectiousness of the strain, the public must do everything possible to help relieve this pressure.

“Looking at the number of people who go to the hospital, it would be sheer nonsense to say it’s over. We have to stay careful,” he said.

He also added that fewer people are admitted to intensive care units with Omicron than with previous versions of the coronavirus. But most of those in hospital with COVID have not received revaccinations.

“Of course, we will keep everything under control, but I think that what we are doing at the moment is the right thing,” Johnson said.

Recall that the international human rights organization Amnesty International condemned the uneven distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 in the world. According to her, in poor countries, only 7% of residents received one vaccination each.

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