Home Entertainment Brazesgate – Bridget Maasland breaks self-imposed media code within 24 hours

Brazesgate – Bridget Maasland breaks self-imposed media code within 24 hours


Bridget Maasland and André Hazes broke their relationship after a vacation in Curaçao. During the vacation, nothing was wrong. Maasland announced this in a short statement on Monday RTL Boulevard, the program that she often presents. She was not present herself and was not performed in a striking way either. But the co-presenters quoted from her statement, she said.

National Call – Crown prince of the life song and presenter gossip program want to process love break in silence

The short reaction of Maasland in the program can be called remarkable. The ex-couple urgently asked the media earlier in the day to leave them alone for the break process in silence. On Monday morning it was announced that André and Bridget will be separated after three months. They partly blamed the media for breaking their romance. “Because of the pressure on our relationship and all the attention that was given to it, we decided to put an end to it,” they told RTL Boulevard.

News magazine Weekend reports on Monday evening, however, that he has a video of Hazes and his former girlfriend Monique on the same Curaçao.

The pair did not miss any opportunity in recent months to report how in love they were. They called each other in front of the cameras of all showbiz categories each other’s “big loves” and “soul mates.”


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