Boscagli happy with ‘gift’ PSV: ‘Then I have nothing to do with four times as high a salary’

Olivier Boscagli is completely in place PSV. The 24-year-old Frenchman does not seem to intend the Eredivisie-to leave the frontrunner quickly and also sees sufficient points for improvement for itself.

“It is of no use to me and my family if I sit elsewhere on the couch for a salary three or four times higher. I can imagine that others may find that important, but for me it is always about the sport first,” says Boscagli against it General Newspaper. “I don’t see myself playing at a lower level in a distant competition at all in my current stage of life.”

The defender is still on hold until mid-2025. “I see the contract that PSV has given me as a gift and a wonderful opportunity to take steps here as a person and a footballer. Football also means that you have to be able to suffer pain and it is really not always beautiful, especially on a lesser day or if it ever went wrong.”

Boscagli is satisfied with the current performance of Roger Schmidt’s team. “I am happy with our current level, where we still have a lot of work to do and deal with the injuries that are there. There is still a lot of room for improvement in this team.” He also sees ‘development points’ for himself. “When I see how aggressively Armando (Obispo, ed.) can sometimes defend without crossing the border, I think that’s nice to see.”

In addition, Boscagli hopes to take more of a leadership role, now that André Ramalho is missing. “He really sees it as part of his job to be there for everyone and to ensure that fellow players feel good. I’m younger and can’t force myself to take that, but I have a few years of experience now and can help younger players. “

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