Börse Express – New York Stocks: Positive start to the year


NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – The first trading day of 2022 started with profits on the US stock exchanges. However, not without fluctuations, because at times the plus crumbled completely in early trading on Monday. The most important indices briefly plunged into the red before moving up again. Investors initially focused on Tesla after strong delivery figures in the fourth quarter. Later, Apple drew special attention, because the market value of the iPhone manufacturer jumped the mark of three trillion US dollars for the first time.

The Dow Jones Industrial won around two hours before the close of trading 0.40 percent to 36,482.23 points. On the penultimate trading day of 2021, however, the best-known Wall Street index had risen to a record high of just under 36,680 points.

The S&P 500 , which had also reached a record last Thursday, now increased by 0.41 percent to 4785.75 points. The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 gained 0.89 percent to 16465.72 points.

A market observer referred to the thin trading turnover for the more volatile course at the beginning of the year. In addition, the US stock exchanges had a very good run in the past year, which is why the upward trend is unlikely to be that easy. Although the outlook for equities in 2022 is good, monetary policy must now be monitored more closely, he said.

Because: The US Federal Reserve announced in December that it would exit its extremely loose monetary policy more quickly in view of the high inflation. The billion dollar purchases of securities such as government bonds are to be scaled back more quickly and interest rates are to be increased again soon. The US central bankers expect a total of three interest rate hikes of 0.25 percentage points each in 2022. “It will be the first rate hike since 2018, and that will have an impact on the stock markets.”

Tesla stocks were among the favorites in the US market
with an increase of 11.6 percent, because the electric car manufacturer reported record high delivery figures. In the fourth quarter, Tesla had delivered over 300,000 vehicles to customers, far more than had been expected on the market. In the entire year 2021, the company will deliver a good 936,000 deliveries, an increase of 87 percent compared to 2020.

Apple recently moved to the Dow the main focus on yourself. At times, the paper not only reached a record high of 3.0 percent to $ 182.88, but the iPhone manufacturer was also the first company in the world to break the $ 3 trillion market value mark. So it didn’t even take a year and a half for Apple’s market capitalization to jump another trillion.

The Dow’s biggest daily winners in percentage terms were shares in investment bank Goldman Sachs , which rose 4.0 percent, followed by the papers of the aircraft manufacturer Boeing
with plus 3.5 percent. The papers of the sporting goods manufacturer Nike on the other hand were among the weakest values ​​with minus 1.7 percent.

Modern held the red lantern on the Nasdaq 100 with minus 8.2 percent. Biontech also fell 8.2 percent on the Nasdaq. Pfizer’s drug Paxlovid against Covid-19 is about to be approved in Germany. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an emergency approval for paxlovid shortly before Christmas./ck/he

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