Börse Express – New York shares: zigzag course continues with losses


NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – The New York stock exchanges initially continued their ups and downs on Friday with losses. Strong Apple
-Numbers weren’t a clear help to the market, but they helped prevent worse from happening. The Dow Jones Industrial fell 0.77 percent to 33,897.95 percent after half an hour of trading. The end result of a volatile week would be a loss of just over 1 percent.

The US Federal Reserve’s tighter monetary policy has the stock market firmly in its grip and continues to unsettle investors. According to experts, although some boldly take hold of setbacks, the willingness to cash in increases quickly after each recovery. “The volatility and the risks have increased and it will stay that way for the time being,” said Commerzbank investment strategist Chris-Oliver Schickentanz on Friday, also because of the Ukraine conflict.

The broad market S&P 500 fell 0.55 percent to 4302.69 points in early trade on Friday. Tech stocks were also down, although Apple had a record quarter and clear gains. The Nasdaq 100 shaped by this industry index lost 0.51 percent to 13,931.18 points./tih/he

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