News Börse Express - FOCUS SHARE: BBVA weak

Börse Express – FOCUS SHARE: BBVA weak


The shares of the Spanish BBVA
gave way noticeably on Tuesday. At the early
In the afternoon they lost 1.37 percent to 4,855 euros and gave
the fourth trading day in a row. Summed up since Thursday
the loss at the top is just over 5 percent.

There was speculation on the market. Spain’s Prime Minister
is allegedly trying to merge with Bankia ,
Their shares recently rose by 0.5 percent. The bank’s shares
Santander meanwhile, similar to that of the BBVA, fell
1.4 percent.

As the financial newspaper “Bolsamania” reports, is committed
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez for a merger of the BBVA with
the one that emerged in 2010 through a merger of seven banks
Bankia financial institution. The newspaper relies on informed
Swell. A government spokesman wanted the news agency
Bloomberg does not comment on request ./ck/jha/

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