Blam, rozarovn. How Dortmund threw anci at a funeral triumph

When Bayern Munich shamefully lost 0: 5 in Mnchengladbach in the previous round, which was scheduled for last June, the rivals from Dortmund had their way to the trophy and defenses in DFB Pokal.

He was a clear favorite.

But surprisingly, she was barred by St. Pauli, ldr league type in ter veer won 2: 1. He put gl in water and in a half-tail. He was not even broken by Haaland’s dream after hours of play. Quite well then, the back led to the victory.

After the variegation, we changed things, but it was too late. He decided to enter the match. We made a lot of mistakes in the water quarter and collected soon. And we weren’t patient enough to try. We haven’t played a time, clubs quoted Rose’s website.

Blam, wrote the surprising portion of BVB, the thinnest German denomination Bild.

In connection with Haaland, it was discussed that this was probably his last trip in the German Cup.

Danho tonka, according to caloric information, hardly Dortmund keeps for the season, there is speculation about his diversion to this club, not Borussia. Let’s move on to one of these rich people in England and England.

If Erling had to leave what happened, we would find him again, he reacted before the fight to St. Pauli Clubs f Watzke in an interview with ARD.

The ensuing game disappointed the fans and unpleasantly surprised the experts, who had recently assumed that Dortmund could challenge Bayern in the Bundesliga in the fight for the title.

Analza nmeckho renomovanho magaznu Kicker pipomn, as it is Dortmund zraniteln v defenziv, that neudr ist account.

Since November, in the last thirteen contests, he has only succeeded against Frth in the Bundesliga and against Besiktas in the Champions League, which are not exactly strong opponents.

In the other eleven passes, the team collected twenty-two goals, which is a lot on the top, Kicker.

And add that Dortmund had a lot of space. When at, the centers are not accurate and dangerous. And he often plays the center and relies on Haaland, but with him the defense of St. Pauli advised many better than most of the first leagues.

True, they created some kind of ance, but he lost his goal. And you have to fight against such an opponent. But we also gave a great and fighting performance against the excellent darkness. Overall, I don’t think anyone can count that we didn’t deserve the move, said Timo Schultz, coach St. Pauli.

It’s like a dream. Defeating Dortmund at home is something unreal, said Glman Smarsch, who is a stupid two and only catches in the game.

St. Pauli is not the only Bundesliga team to advance to the top eight. The competitive Hamburger SV won in Cologne and Karlsruhe was eliminated by the Munich Munich in 1860. In the quarterfinals, there is the Bundesliga newcomer Bochum, who dealt with Mohu.

In the middle of the quarter, there will be at least two first-time lighters. One will be from Berlin after the Hertha-Union derby, then Hoffenheim’s duel with Freiburg.

Leipzig also hosts Rostock at home. The last quarterfinalist will emerge from the duel of the second-league Hanover with Mnchengladbach, Bayern’s winner in the Cup and in the league.


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