BLADE AS A THUME! The army evaluated the performance of Dolanský and the German from the 1st mission

Viewers were very curious about the completely new concept, as evidenced by the greatest viewership on Sunday evening, when 889 thousand viewers over the age of 15 sat down on television screens, and after watching, positive reactions prevailed with minor reservations. But the series was also of interest to professionals from the ranks of real, military paramedics, and they were no longer so enthusiastic…

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“Weren’t you surprised on Sunday night, too? Neither the Military Health Agency nor the Army of the Czech Republic have anything to do with this TV Prima series project. It’s pure FICTION … People who know the issue will certainly understand it and other viewers will hopefully get it soon, “ wrote on Facebook yesterday after watching the Military Health Agency, which falls under the subordination of the support section of the Ministry of Defense. “We didn’t collaborate on the series and we only commented on social networks, we won’t say more about it. Viewers will create the picture themselves, “ said Aha! Captain Ing. Lada Ferkálová.

Prima Television is aware of the inconsistencies. “Series 1. Mission is primarily a fiction drama. The script of the series is based on the military environment, but is not of a documentary nature with the aim of copying reality. We are aware of deviations from reality, but they are necessary for storytelling, for its audience attractiveness, “ said Aha! Zuzana Brzáková, editor-in-chief of the social editorial staff of TV Prima. “The story of the series 1. The mission is not based on real events, but its goal is to point out from the very beginning how admirable the profession of military doctors is and how important their precise and demanding training is in all respects. Like any other industry series, this one requires a certain perspective on the part of professionals, “ added Brzáková. New series 1. You can watch the mission every Wednesday on TV Prima at 20:15.

The military series Prima 1st MISSION is approaching – The first VIDEO and new faces!

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