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KOMPAS.comThe savanna biome is meadows scattered with bushes and trees.

Typically, a savanna biome can be found between a tropical rain forest and a desert biome. This makes the savanna also known as the tropical prairie.

The savanna biome has warm temperatures all year round. Actually, the savanna has two seasons, namely a very long dry season, and a very wet season.

In the dry season, the average savanna rainfall is only about 4 inches.

Between December and February, there is no rain at all. Uniquely, in the dry season, the weather in the savanna is slightly cooler.

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savannah biome fauna

Reported from Biome Planet Biru, African savanna large animals grazing.

Each animal has special eating habits that reduce competition for food.

Tanzania’s Serengeti Plain is one of the most famous savanna biomes.

Some of the animals that can be found here are lions, zebras, elephants and giraffes

In addition, there are many large grass-eating mammals (herbivores) that can live in the savanna because they can move and eat abundantly.

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Not only Africa, South America also has savanna, but very few species live in this savanna.

In Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, the savanna occupies about 2.5 million square kilometers.

Capybara and swamp deer are some of the animals that can be found in the South American savanna.

An enormous diversity of animals can be found in Cerrado, Brazil, which is an open forest with short crooked trees.

There are also savannas in northern Australia. There are many kangaroos in this savanna, but not too many different animal species.

flora savannah biome

savannah flora including highly specialized because it grows in environments with long periods of drought.

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The plants have long tap roots that reach deep water, thick bark to resist annual fires, stems to store water, and leaves that fall during the winter to conserve water.

One of the plants commonly found in the savanna area is acacia.

The grass has also adapted to the animals that graze on the savanna.

For example, some grasses are too sharp or taste bitter to animals.

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