Business Bitcoin will rise to 400,000 USD world reserve currency

Bitcoin will rise to 400,000 USD world reserve currency


  • In a new Interview with the Wall Street Veteran Max Keiser predicts that Bitcoin will rise to 400,000 USD when the US implodes dollars.
  • The multiple billionaire Paul Tudor Jones will be according to Keiser, in 2 years the largest Bitcoin whale in the world.

In a new Interview Bitcoin Veteran Max Keiser describes that the current monetary policy of the Federal Reserve (Central Bank of America) will contribute to a rising Bitcoin price. The endless printing of money leads to an ever-increasing Inflation, which will lead at some point to a collapse of the world reserve currency US Dollar.

Keiser represents since 2011, the prediction is that Bitcoin will rise to a price of 100,000 USD. Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, and the distributed helicopter money, the Central banks of Bitcoin will rise, in his opinion, soon to 400,000 USD, when the USD crashes. The population as well as investors in the financial market are looking for a stable anchor.

Keiser adds that, especially those who will lose, who have not invested in Bitcoin, because of the increasing economic pressure will drive the Inflation (freely translated):

My goal for the BTC is, since 2011, 100,000 dollars, and I have increased this target recently to $ 400,000. The time depends on exactly when the us Dollar collapses.

It could happen any day. It is better to be a few months early than a day late. If the Dollar collapses, the rise in the BTC prices to $ 10,000 per Coin. If you are not already positioned, you will eat Dirt.

Paul Tudor Jones is going to be the biggest Bitcoin whale in 2 years

The introduction of the multiple billionaire Paul Tudor Jones in the Bitcoin market is seen by some industry experts as a bullish Signal. Max Keiser notes that, ‘ Paul Tudor Jones (PTJ) sees in Bitcoin a great opportunity and great potential, and therefore, in the next 2 years, the largest Bitcoin Investor in the world, will rise (freely translated):

I think PTJ, I have followed as a stock broker on Wall St. from 1983-1990, exactly, will be within 2 years of the largest HODL’of Bitcoin. He is an absolute mercenary, if he sees something that pleases him.

The Bitcoin community has never seen anyone like PTJ and will be shocked that he has the audacity to continue and invest more.

The wall street Veteran is no longer forecast a further change of opinion, large banking institutions as they come to Bitcoin in the past. It will not be the banks, the Bitcoin, and Bitcoin will change the banking landscape and new rules in the financial system. Keiser stated that he has steered Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan on Bitcoin, and the benefits convinced.

Contrary to this forecast, Goldman Sachs has enter recently your customers advised not in Bitcoin, as the digital Asset is still risky, and allegedly not a large return on opportunities. Keiser also points out that the inflation rate of Bitcoin dropped after the Halving to 2% and thus the same level of Gold and the actual inflation target of the FED.

According to Keiser Bitcoin has all the essential characteristics of a sustainable value memory, allowing Bitcoin to be used in the future as a safe anchor, and thus the price could continue to rise. In his opinion, Bitcoin will rise in the near future of the global reserve currency if America finds no other measures, as the endless machinery of printing Money.

Last updated on June 21, 2020


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