Bitcoin is at its lowest level since August, falling below $ 39,000

On Thursday afternoon, the most famous cryptocurrency in the world was trading for $ 43,494, which corresponds to CZK 934,410. Bitcoin has been traded for similar amounts for most of the last week.

The big drop came on Friday night, when the exchange rate fluctuated to $ 38,287 (CZK 822,610). The last time bitcoin was so low was last August. However, it began to strengthen significantly during the autumn, setting an absolute record of $ 68,990 (CZK 1,481,440) in early November.

Development of bitcoin value over the last week.

Photo: News

However, it should be emphasized that exactly a year ago the exchange rate was even lower. It was $ 30,807, or 661,520.

The CoinDesk server pointed out that Friday’s fall in cryptocurrencies came after Thursday’s losses on stock markets in the United States, where shares of technology companies weakened in particular. Their Nasdaq Composite Index weakened by almost five percent this week.

The wider market did not bring too optimistic news, for example, the S&P 500 index recorded losses for the third week in a row. Investors usually react to similar declines by selling risky assets, which are also bitcoins due to high volatility.

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