Bin Laden’s killer in flight without a mask: banned by the airline

Robert O’Neill, the man who claims to have killed Osama bin Laden in 2011, ended up on the black list of the main airline in the world for not wearing the mask on board, even posting the photo on social media. The former special forces member tried to justify himself by saying it was a joke, but until further notice he will no longer be able to board a Delta Air Lines flight. The decision of the Atlanta carrier confirms the hard line of the leaders in compliance with the anti-Covid measures: there are over 130 people no longer liked precisely for not having worn a mask.

The tweet

It all begins with a tweet on August 19 – even sexist for many – in which O’Neill posts a selfie inside a US carrier aircraft and the words “I’m not a fi …”. While others are seen wearing masks, he has no oral protection. The Twitter message triggers thousands of negative reactions, including that of the actress Alyssa Milano, then is canceled according to O’Neill by his wife. In a subsequent tweet the soldier speaks of an “attempt at a joke”, but several people point out other messages in which the man accuses the passengers of another flight of being “sheep because they follow the rules on board”.

Comments on social networks

The debate is heated. “I’m not the bad guy, I killed the bad guy,” O’Neill tries to defend himself, recalling his role in bin Laden’s death in Pakistan. In the meantime, in the offices of Delta Air Lines that monitor activities on social media 24 hours a day, they notice the photo. The former Navy Seal does not mention the airline’s name, but the logos on the seats leave no doubt: it is a Delta aircraft. “We are investigating the matter”, they explain from the carrier, recalling that “travelers who do not comply with our requirement to wear the mask risk being unable to fly with Delta in the future”.

The decision

It’s O’Neill himself to make the decision known of the airline: «I was just banned from Delta for posting a photo. Wow, ”the man chirps. Thus becoming, so far, the best known character in the black list of the carrier and in open controversy with the rules: “Thank God it was not Delta who took us when we killed bin Laden … we weren’t wearing masks”, attacks the man in a next tweet. Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta, in an interview to Cnn to reveal that dozens of people are banned for not respecting the health rules on board: the masks – according to the scientific community – significantly reduce the transmission of the coronavirus.

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