BIN Infiltrates the Taliban, Prevents War from Spreading to Indonesia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Deputy VII of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Wawan Hari Purwanto claimed that his party had infiltrated a number of groups in various countries. One of the groups Taliban of Afghanistan.

BIN’s mission in infiltrating Afghanistan was to prevent war or riots from spreading to Indonesia.

“So before the war happened, we strengthened this diplomacy from all elements. We infiltrated all resistance groups, including the Taliban themselves,” said Wawan in a discussion held by the Gelora Party, Wednesday (1/9).

Wawan did not specify what other groups BIN had infiltrated other than the Taliban. He only emphasized that Indonesia did not want a split that would have an impact on security and stability disturbances.

Moreover, not a few Indonesians are provoked when they see the condition of the Middle East which is often volatile. It happened because they felt there was a common religious bond.

“Now we are moving to infiltrate our friends into the opposing camps in various countries. For what? To protect together,” he said.

Wawan said BIN was trying to ensure that the resistance group remained true to its commitment to maintaining peace. He did not want these groups to carry out terror attacks that could later have an impact on division and war.

“So that we don’t release our emotions a little bit to detonate bombs, including suicide bombs. Instead of it breaking out of nowhere, we go in as hard as we can to penetrate. Now we are able to control that,” said Wawan.

Previously, Wawan had also said that BIN was conducting early detection of terrorist networks in Indonesia that have ideological closeness to the Taliban.

“BIN together with the intelligence services are taking anticipatory steps by strengthening early detection and early prevention, especially for terrorist groups that have ideological closeness and networks with the Taliban,” Wawan said in his official statement on August 19.

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