“Big Brother Vip”, Manuel leaves the House, Federica, Barù and Nathalie in nomination

Alfonso Signorini begins the episode ironically on the first ballot for the election of the President of the Republic in which his name is mentioned: “Poor Italy and we are only on the first ballot, Friday I might not be there …”.

The triangle still in the spotlight
The host comments with Alex Belli in the studio about his decision to leave Delia. The actor, in fact, without Delia’s knowledge, expressed his emotions on Twitter, saying he wanted to “free” Delia, disappointed by her hostile behavior towards her.
After the connection with the Vippos Signorini shows a video that traces the key moments of the relationship between Delia, Soleil and Alex.

To amaze, explains the conductor, is the change of course between Soleil and Delia, who even shared a kiss on Saturday. The two, who have always been on bad terms, seem to have entered into a truce. Soleil explains that she has called herself out of the Alex-Delia relationship, that she is tired and that she has laid down her arms, although she has not forgotten the offenses suffered. The same goes for Delia, who says she no longer has a grudge and loves female solidarity and having to live with Soleil, better to do it in peace: “Alex doesn’t respect me and what happened between them we made it clear … “Duran says.
Not believing in the new relationship between the two competitors is Nathalie Caldonazzo who comments: “It seems a bit too early and strange to me”. Even Adriana Volpe, from the study agrees: “In my opinion it is a precarious peace”.

Soleil’s enemies do not retreat
Signorini sends a clip showing how Soleil’s enemy front is getting stronger and more compact.
To attack her in particular is Manila who defines her overbearing and tending to want to be the victim. Lulu also shares the same opinion. For her, Sole is too competitive.

Manuel is a difficult decision
Manuel and Lulù are sent to the ship of love and the clip is shown that tells the most intense moments of the week between the two in view of Manuel’s farewell. The former swimmer claims that having found love in the House made him stronger and allowed him to believe he could walk again: “Distance is not a problem, I will settle down and start again stronger than before. Three years after the accident, finding such a large opening gives you strength, believing in two is better than one. Believing in many gives you strength “.
Assuming Manuel’s departure from the program, Lulù says: “I will miss him very much, but I will stay here with the people who love me, I’m not Manuel but I will feel less alone”.
So Signorini asks Manuel if he wants to abandon the program forever and he replies yes: “I want to be calm, and to be so I have to be physically well, so I have to go out”.
In the garden for him there is his first surprise: Jennifer, his sister.

Delia and Alex
Katia, Nathalie, Jessica, Barù are called in super led, to talk about Alex and expose their criticisms. Katia insists on knowing what the “free love” the actor keeps talking about means. Belli replies: “Between me and Delia there is a great mental freedom”, but misleads every time Signorini asks him if by freedom he means to go to bed with others: “Alex you will be a barker but I’m not an idiot, if you tell me that you don’t want to talk about it for privacy I understand, if you tell me that nothing happened then I’m not there … “.
“My concept of love and freedom is to be able to live a friendship like the one between me and Sole” replies Alex. Cornered about what happened under the covers with Soleil, Belli comments: “I would prefer this thing to remain private” .

When asked Soleil, she adds: “A lot of things have happened between me and Alex, but I wouldn’t want it to be alluded to in an exaggerated way. Under the covers Alex also said he loves me if we really want to say so” and Belli admits that he loves Soleil: “We never have. hidden, but why should I choose? “.
Even Jessica and Nathalie do not understand well why Alex continues to make Delia suffer and Barù concludes by saying: “This story is boring, I find it brilliant that he kept on a program for three months, stop with this little theater”.

Signorini calls Delia in the mystery room and shows her on video the letter that Alex wrote to her on social media: “I’ll let you walk alone”. Then he gives her the wedding ring from Alex, with a note: “It is the sign of our love … Only you can decide if you want to save it or let it go. I send it to you because it represents what we are, not lose direction, look inside. Defend it and don’t allow other people to insult me ​​with heavy words. Only you can decide whether to save our love or destroy it forever. ”

Adriana blurts out and turns to Delia: “Please wake up, not if you have to prove anything”. Sonia also intervenes: “Either it’s a little theater or we have a complete medical record in front of us”.
And at this point Delia says: “It is he who has to prune this ring, not me”.
Soleil also intervenes: “I am happy that Alex has made clear the things that I have always omitted, the fact that both continue not to make the decision makes me think that theirs is a different love …”.

The speech goes back to Alex’s words of love towards Soleil, for everyone it is incomprehensible how one can love two people. Delia confesses that Alex had never told her he had pleaded to Soleil under the sheets and told her he was in love with her.
Another “surprise” for Delia is the letter that Soleil wrote to Alex and secretly delivered, through Giacomo, to the person concerned. Delia, however, does not say annoyed: “The summary of the letter is what I have always said. I asked him to take a position with his wife …”, says Soleil.
Alex gets upset and insists on talking and continuing on her line of free love. Signorini invites him to leave: “You said you had chosen the line of silence … but you won’t even let me speak”. And Alex gets up and walks away.

The farewell of Manuel

Signorini thanks Manuel for what he gave to everyone during his stay in the house and showing a video with all the best moments experienced by the swimmer with the other tenants, greets him paying homage, while everyone stands up for him. “In this journey I have learned something from each of you, thank you for having accompanied me and for giving me smiles …”. For each one he has words of thanks and Lulu says: “To you I only say that I love you, you are everything, I don’t need to tell you anything. You know I love you and I will love you more and more every day. When you go out you don’t know that you wait. ”His father and brother are waiting outside the Bortuzzo House.

The verdict of televoting
Between Kabir, Soleil and Federica, the most voted and loved by the public is Kabir, who must choose who to condemn between Federica and Soleil at the televoting of the next episode, where there will be elimination. Kabir chooses Federica.

A surprise for Davide
Signorini calls Davide into the mystery room, where the boy tells some anecdotes about his life and his father. And his father, who has a vision problem, is in the House to encourage him and show him his love.

The ups and downs of Sophie and Alessandro
After that in the last episode Delia mentioned Alessandro and Sophie talked to her, he got angry and called her “Loser”. Thus began a series of bickering between the two. Alessandro again apologizes even live to Sophie. For her part, she justifies their continuous ups and downs as follows: “We are also fine, we talk a lot and the problem is that mainly we are very instinctive”. Alessandro also says he is sorry: Only our ugly one is on the air but I really wanted to tell everyone that I told her that I am in love with her, her eyes, her disorder, I love the person she is. We are also this, but not only this. “But he swore in front of his son that he would no longer sleep with Sophie, and now he would like a priest to dissolve his promise. Signorini on the other hand speaks of a letter that Alessandro’s sister wrote on a newspaper in which he invites him to leave Sophie alone, too young for him.

Manuel enters the studio and everyone stands up, then Aldo Montano arrives and the two athletes hug each other, moved. The latest surprise for Manuel is the arrival of his mother.

The appointment

The immune ones are Katia, Manila and Sophie in a casual way, to which are added Soleil and Delia by choice of the two commentators.
At the open nominations Federica chooses Davide, Alessandro nominates Nathalie, Lulu chooses Barù, Gianmaria chooses Giucas, Miriana nominates Barù, Davide chooses Lulu, Nathalie nominates Barù, who chooses Miriana, Jessica nominates Barù and finally Giucas Nathalie.
At the secret nominations Soleil appoints Nathalie, who is also nominated by Delia, Manila chooses Giucas.
Surprise for Jessica and Lulù who on video listen to the supportive words of their mother.
It’s up to Kabir Bedi to nominate and he chooses Alessandro, also nominated by Katia. Sophie chooses Gianmaria.

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