Big Brother Vip, Alex Belli leaves his wife Delia Duran

The tweet of the former Centovetrine actor: “I escape and let you walk alone”.

Yesterday, during the last appointment of Big Brother Vip, there was yet another face to face between Alex Belli and his wife Delia Duran. The Venezuelan model has accused ad Alex the tweets that the actor dedicates to Soleil while he asked her to listen to her repeatedly, pointing out to her that their love is a free love.

Gf Vip, Alex Belli leaves his wife Delia Duran, the tweet

In the long speech of the former gieffino to his wife, Alex he also reiterated the great love he feels for her:

“I understand you but listen to me, our love is totalitarian. It is an incredible love. I let you come in here, I interrupted my path, I chose you. It is useless for you to do the Santa Maria Goretti, you let people denigrate our love. Our ring is the symbol of our free love of our mental freedom. Choose well the people to confide in, what we are is another thing. We have a beautiful relationship … love is freedom . What we have been for three years now … what I want to tell you I am showing you. We cannot argue for a post or for a plane that passes through the Solex. The posts I have made are of friendship. Concentrate .. tell what we are. We can tell the various forms of love, we are not the couple of the White Mill. Tell it, this ring has an incredible value for me. Miriana, Manila know everything about you. You must not feel sorry for yourself. Delia Duran is the love of my life and she is free mentally you. “

Not even 24 hours andMan has changed his mind and on Twitter he decided that the best thing to do is to let go Delia:

“I’m sorry about the baseness of the story you are telling about yourself, about us and about me. I know how much we have fought and lived together to conquer who we are. And I am completely amazed at your words. Therefore I withdraw and let you walk alone “.

here is the tweet:

New episode of the infinite soap of this edition of Big Brother Vip. In the new, perhaps, Alex will be able to focus on Soleil Rises, his unforgettable artistic friend who allows him to have blocks in every episode of the realty.

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