Biden announces new measures to combat COVID

Biden announces new measures to combat Omicron

The US authorities will double the number of COVID tests that will be distributed free of charge to Americans.

US President Joe Biden announced new measures to combat the outbreak of coronavirus amid the spread of the Omicron strain. About it informs AP News on Thursday, January 13th.

Biden instructed the government to purchase another 500 million COVID tests and the same number of coronavirus test kits.

Protective masks No. 95 will also be purchased and distributed free of charge to Americans.

In the fight against coronavirus in the United States, an additional thousand military doctors will be attracted to eliminate the shortage of personnel in hospitals. They will start working from next week.

Earlier, the WHO stated that COVID becomes endemic. Coronavirus often mutates, so it is difficult to predict the development of a pandemic, the WHO said.

It was also reported that in 36 countries of the world less than 10% of the population vaccinated. At the same time, a surge in infection is observed in countries. It is caused by the Omicron strain, which is rapidly replacing the Delta strain.

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