Entertainment Biby Gaytán confirms which of her daughters is more...

Biby Gaytán confirms which of her daughters is more like her with an emotional image


Biby Gaytan confirms which of her daughters is more like her with emotional image that ends the comparisons, because since Ana Paula Capetillo Y Alejandra Capetillo They made their social networks public, much has been said about how much they inherited from their mother.

This weekend we saw the return of Biby Gaytan to the small screen in his role as judge within the new season of “Little Giants” and as expected, the daughters of Biby Gaytán They were supporting him with all their hearts, because they feel extremely proud of their mother and this facet that has made them fall in love even more.

While, Biby Gaytan has formed a beautiful family next to Eduardo Capetillo, her five children are her greatest pride and while the boys have been more shy, in addition to the fact that two of them appear little because they are minors, Alejandra Capetillo Y Ana Paula Capetillo They have become icons of fashion and style.

A charming face and long dark hair was responsible for accentuating the resemblance to Biby Gaytan, but after one of them dyed her hair for a new project, the doubts diminished and the image Biby shares today puts an end to which of her daughters It looks more like her, although of course, both are really cute.

Confirmation with an emotional image

First was Alejandra Capetilloyoungest daughter Biby Gaytan who shared an image from almost two decades ago where they appeared Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo on the set of “Camila”, one of her latest novels, asking if they were twins.

Minutes later, her own Biby Gaytan he asked his followers through their stories of Instagram if they believed that she and her youngest daughter were alike, also revealing the affectionate nickname with which he addresses her: “Alita”.

Biby Gaytán confirms which of her daughters is more like her with an emotional image. Instagram Special

The truth is that Ana Paula Capetillo he also has his own, but his eyes are more like his father’s, Eduardo Capetillo and it seems that he could soon debut on stage as his famous parents, Biby Gaytan will support you in the front row.

For his part, Alejandra Capetillo She has already debuted as a model and is showered with praise for the enormous resemblance to her famous mother, of whom she always expresses herself with immense love. Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo they certainly have great heirs to their talent, beauty, and charisma.



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